Another Deplorable Incident in an Israeli Public School


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A 56-year-old Tanach teacher tells of the horrific embarrassing incident, the attack in which he was jumped in class and his trousers and undergarment pulled down in the classroom in front of tens of students. The teacher, in the northern district, explains he used his last ounce of emotional determination to remain in school on that day and continue facing the boys and girls in the classroom after being so humiliated. A number of hours following the assault he was transported to an emergency room with chest pain, but B”H he was released a number of hours later. The teacher filed a complaint with police against the 9th graders involved.

The teachers in that school held an emergency meeting on erev Shabbos 5 Adar 5773, expressing outrage and utter disgust over the incident. They teachers were additionally upset to learn the school’s administration tried to bury the incident and cut a deal with the parents of those involved, but they were unwilling to be so accommodating.

Ministry of Education officials have instructed Northern District heads to expel the youths and deal with the case in accordance to ministry guidelines.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. This is what happens when there is no Torah & Yiras Shomayim! And they want to close the Yeshivo’s & send the Bochurim to the Army eliminating the last vestage of Midos Tovos & Derech Eretz?!

  2. It is disgusting but so are the moral standards of the secular in Eretz Yisrael, where kids bring knives and guns something you would expect out of Chicago school system. There is no excuse for this; and this will encourage copies of this behaviour the world around

  3. Don’t you realize that the chilonim are embarrased and just can’t take the existence of tatiyim that’s why they are doing everything to eliminate datiyim, they look for every excuse to blame datiyim since they well know that every criminal they find between the datiyim increases the extremly low percentage of crime between datiyim, its less than one percent of criminals between chilonim.

  4. A bunch of Vilda Chaya and they need to be told that this Meshuggina is unacceptable, a Shanda that people hear that young Yidden behave in this manner, showing no respect to elders and Mishegoss towards teachers is unacceptable, understanding why this is happening needs to be investigated and corrective actions taken, just expelling the kids is not good enough!

  5. This should have been handled completely by the school administrators and certainly should not have been made public. It was irresponsible for this to ever have been taken to the Ministry. These kids will need to finish their education, get good positions in the army, get into a good university, and eventually land decent jobs – all this coming to light will ruin their chances of living a normal life