Jewish Man R”L Murdered In Los Angeles

Photo via NBC LA

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A Jewish man was shot and killed in a double shooting in North Hollywood, Los Angeles.

The shooting on the 6400 block of Denny Avenue, near Victory Boulevard, was reported at about 10:30PM by neighbors who told police they heard several gunshots.

Arriving officers found one person dead inside the home, and a second outside. The wounded person had been shot in the stomach and was taken to a hospital.

No information on a suspect or suspects was available.

Police said the injured person was taken to Holy Cross Hospital with a gunshot wound to the stomach, and appeared to be in his early 20s.

YWN has confirmed that the victim that was fatally shot is a Jewish man in his 30’s. Misaskim of Los Angeles are working with authorities to ensure proper Kavod Hames.

Details regarding what led to the shooting were not immediately clear.

The investigation is ongoing.

(Charles Gross – YWN)


  1. Is there any indication that this has to do with him being a Jew?

    If not – why do the readers of this site have to hear about criminal acts?

  2. I want to hear when one of my fellow yidden has been murdered. Weather he was murdered because he is a jew or not, I am with 1, and feel safer in EY. America unfortunately is no longer the beacon of freedom to the extent that it once was. Israel is getting closer to its neighbors (case in point: Oman). Read the writing on the wall.

  3. yes USnebech. More friends = safer. More enemies = more danger.

    Israel now has close back-channel ties with Saudi Arabia and others thanks to their common threat: Iran. Israel has the best Intelligence Service in the middle east and its enemies are playing nice so they can sneak a peek. Saudi Arabia will likely play a major role in the peace plan that the Administration (Kushner et al.) is working on.

  4. BDE! 20 good years left?! We are already in golus for over 1948 long bitter years. Lets just hope and daven that today we are redeemed. We should only hear good news. Hashem yerachem!

  5. So a comment expressing tanchumin over a tragic murder, and recommending doing teshuva is not an acceptable comment on a frum website. Who woulda’ thunk? Three cheers for freedom of expression and of the press (web). I guess just comments that dis rabboninm and the frum tzibbur is preferable. Seems like an awful lot of those get published.