Authorities Fear Chareidi Unrests During Obama Visit


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oaf1.jpgPolice on Sunday, 6 Nissan 5772 summoned a Jerusalem resident for questioning in the Russian Compound stationhouse. The man called for questioning is a Breslov chossid, and to his surprise, when he arrived he realized the interviewers were no police but agents of the ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet).

According to the Kikar Shabbat report, the ISA is concerned that certain elements in the chareidi community will provoke unrests during this week’s visit of US President Barak Obama. The agents asked the man if he and his friends plan to make trouble during the visit.

No less than 15,000 policemen are assigned to the protection detail for the 48-hour presidential visit. The entourage will include 80 vehicles that were rented here in Israel in addition to the specialized and high security vehicles being flown in ahead of Barak’s arrival, including ‘The Beast’, the presidential limousine.

The rental company had to meet strict criteria regarding the equipment of the vehicles rented in addition to the drivers hired for the visit undergoing a security check. All the drivers of course must be English speakers.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. What does Obama have to do with the Chareidimn?? He is not involved with the draft or parking lots on Shabbos. In fact, he is leaving EY before eruv shabbos. Why don’t these Breslov to to Uman for pesach and leave the normal residents of EY alone and allow them to welcom our president with respect

  2. Wasn’t their an article a few weeks ago about planning a mass demonstration? Seems this is as good a time as any. The hilonim have announced a clearly unacceptable conscription plan, so time to start protesting.

  3. Of course, there will be increased unrest during the President’s visit from settlers, charedim, religious and all residents who are urging the release of Pollard and tired of the President’s allegiance to Arab countries.

    An interesting 2 days it will be!!!

  4. By chareidim protesting and cvausing traffic jams and smoked up streets it will make bibis new anti chareidi government look bad. Its an excellent tactic as the secular israelis are obsessed in looking good in the eyes of the goyim. They love tattoos and body piercings to look as goyish as possible. Basicly the chareidim will rain on the chilonims parade. Excellent move. Kol hakovd.

  5. All that will be accomplished is a massive chillul Hashem. And, akuperma, you forgot the part about Obama being concerned about human rights violations. He will no doubt move to stop aid to Israel immediately because of this.