Obama Visits Texas to Learn How to Create Jobs


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Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz welcomed President Obama to Texas Thursday, where Obama is scheduled to begin his “Middle Class Jobs and Opportunity Tour,” by highlighting Texas’ job record in comparison with the administration’s.

“America is stuck with high unemployment and low GDP growth, so it’s encouraging to see the President coming to Austin to talk about jobs — perhaps he will learn how to create some from the folks who know how,” Cruz said in a statement.

“Texas is leading the nation in economic growth and job creation because of principled, conservative leaders who understand the keys to economic success are lower, flatter taxes, limited government and restrained spending,” he added. “Texas has shown the country how it’s done, and we hope the President will take some of these lessons back to Washington to bring true economic recovery to our nation.”

This is Obama’s second visit to Texas in two weeks, Bloomberg reported. The Dallas Morning News speculated Thursday that part of the visit is to make Cruz the face of Republican obstruction.

“What Obama wants to do is come into Texas and say, look at how great everything is and to take credit for something that really isn’t his. And without saying it, he’s saying you’ve got this Sen. Ted Cruz who wants to be the fly in the ointment. Tell him to fall in line,” The Morning News quoted Bob Vander Plaats, president of the The Family Leader.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/05/09/cruz-obama-could-learn-about-job-creation-from-texas/#ixzz2SobHrZ1X


  1. This sounds a bit weird. The last thing Obama would consider are low taxes, abolishing income tax, supporting right to work laws, and all the other “red” things that make places such as Texas bloom and places like California and New York wilt.

  2. Texas does not have low taxes, and it isn’t especially prosperous.

    Its residents may think they have low taxes because they tax the oil and gas industry and the costs get passed on to non-Texans. According to the Tax Foundatation, its sales tax rate is #11 in the country and its (NY is #7), and its effective property tax rate is #5 in the country (NJ is #1 and NY is # 13).

    And in terms of prosperity, Texas’ per capita income is ordinary — #25 in the country. (The top 5 are CT, MA, NJ, NY, and MD, all high tax states!) Texas does have lower unemployment than the national average, but it is no better than high-tax (and no oil) Massachusetts. Texas’ public services can be pretty bad; lots of Texans have to go to Mexico for medical care because Texas’ health care system is so dysfunctional. Besides oil, Texas has an advantage of massive amounts of cheap undeveloped land; you can’t transfer those advantages elsewhere.

  3. Leave it to CharlieHall to be a good uber socialist to LIE and deceive about FACTS. Sorry Charlie but that won’t work.

    The FACT is that Texas has NO personal state income tax!!!!!!

  4. If he was REALLY serious and we know he ISN’T, he would go to North Dakota where unemployment is 3% or a bit less. Of course then he might have to admit it has to do with all the oil drilling — ON PRIVATE LAND OF COURSE!

  5. No. 2: You do not use CAPITAL LETTERS, and so I have to doubt that your information is accurate.

    No. 3: If you put some words, like “LIE,” in capital letters, you must have reliable information. However, No. 2 did not claim that Texas has a personal income tax, and so your REBUTTAL is irrelevant. Accusing someone of telling a LIE is, if incorrect, a serious mistake, so you are WISE to use capital letters when you make such accusations.