Jane’s: Israel is Viewed as the 6th Nuclear Power in the World


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nukeAccording to the British Jane’s Defense Weekly, the State of Israel is perceived to be the world’s sixth nuclear power.

The London-based International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) estimates Israel has up to 200 warheads which can be delivered to targets via Jericho 1 land based short range missiles or the medium range Jericho 2 missiles. Jane’s explains the Jericho 2 has a maximum range of 4,500km (2,700 miles) and there is a Jericho 3, which has a maximum range of 7,800km (4,680 miles).

The missile are in addition to Israel’s aerial abilities to deliver a nuclear bomb, using F16 fighter planes or one of the navy’s advanced submarines.

Israel is rated as the only nuclear power in the Middle East, a fact that Iran is working hard to change in the near future.

In addition, Jane’s says some observers believe Jerusalem has developed tactical nuclear weapons such as landmines and artillery shells.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)