Democratic City Council Candidate Chaim Deutsch Calls for Expanding Summer Youth Programs


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deutsch“New York City’s Summer Youth Employment Program is a good thing, but only for the children who were lucky enough to win the job lottery,” said Chaim Deutsch, candidate for the 48th District City Council seat.

The Summer Youth Employment Program not only provides summer jobs in a wide variety of fields including law firms, government agencies and museums, it also offers valuable workshops on job readiness, career exploration and related topics. Specialized programs for young people who have disabilities and troubled youth are also available. A lottery system is used to select participants.

“A summer job is one of the best experiences that a young person can have,” said Deutsch. “It’s not just an incentive to have the opportunity to make a few bucks. They learn basic business skills. They learn how to conduct themselves in the workplace and about the importance of meeting deadlines, as well as constructively occupying the summer months.”

Deutsch added that keeping kids busy over the summer benefits them in other ways as well. “A child who has a summer job returns to school in the fall ready to learn. They have been effortlessly practicing their reading, math and other skills in the workplace. They have a head start on learning in the new semester.”

Deutsch is determined to expand summer jobs programs. He has proposed providing a larger number of short term jobs, so that as many youngsters as possible have the opportunity to work and have an accomplished and useful summer.

Currently, thousands of young adults have not been chosen for the summer youth program lottery. Deutsch stated, “Whether through expansion of youth summer jobs programs or another means of keeping our young adults active and engaged during the summer months, we must make sure all youths have access to an enriching and exciting summer experience.”

Chaim Deutsch is a proud father and grandfather and well known community activist. He is running for the 48th District City Council seat, which includes Brighton Beach, Manhattan Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Homecrest and Midwood.

(YWN Desk – NYC)