Police Launch Investigation Against Arab MKs


mishtAttorney General Yehuda Weinstein has instructed Israel Police to launch an investigation into Arab MKs (Balad – National Democratic Assembly) Hanin Zoabi and Dr. Basel Ghattas for their alleged activities to persuade Christian Arabs not to enter the IDF.

During a session of the Knesset Interior Committee, Chairwoman (Likud) Miri Regev praised the attorney general’s decision. She stated “The time has come for Arab lawmakers to understand they are not Trojan horses in the Knesset. There is a law in the State of Israel compelling one to enter the IDF or national service. MK Zoabi and others managed to avoid an indictment to date because of their parliamentary immunity. It is time they realize they may not incite against those entering the military.”

Zoabi allegedly turned to a priest, Father Gabriel Nadaf, asking him to stop encouraging youths to enter the military. Post News reports the priest was recently dismissed from his post in the Greek Orthodox Church because of his views.

In an opinion piece released by Ghattas, the MK wrote that the father should take off his robe because of his support of the “occupational army”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)