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Another Religious Soldier Attacked in Yerushalayim

idffnAn IDF soldier wearing a kippa sruga became the latest victim of attack in Yerushalayim. This latest attack occurred on Sunday, 7 Menachem Av 5773. The soldier was attacked in the Beis Yisrael area of the capital, explaining to Channel 2 News that objects were hurled at him, he was assaulted and the target of verbal abuse.

He explained he was walking in the area when suddenly a chareidi male attacked him while shouting “Chardika – burn in Gehenom!” The attacker than spat in his direction and placed his closed fist near his face. At the same time another person pushed him, apparently from behind. The soldier ran after the first one, the one who attacked him, but he ran into a yeshiva. The soldier wanted to hold him until police arrived.

Eyewitnesses report the soldier was heading into Nechama Bakery when the shouts began and the suspect fled down the block into Mir Yeshiva. Police arrived and extricated the soldier from the area. He filed a complaint in the police station. He did not sustain any serious physical injuries.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Based on the kippah serugah, it wasn’t a hareidi soldier who was attacke, but rather a religious zionist of some flavor. Regardless of what their rabbanim are saying, it seems the people in the frum neighborhoods are making it clear that the IDF is unwelcome, and any frum Jew who finds himself in the IDF show resign, even if it means desertion. War is being declared, and the IDF is now the enemy of the hareidi community.

    If mass arrests begin in a few weeks, as much of the government are calling for, expect much escalation.

    Bennett and friends, in six months, have managed to accomplish more for Neturei Karta, than Neturei Karta could hope to accomplish in a century.

  2. Mir Guess our young budding geniuses have to much time on there hands They’re walking the streets
    But the real question is why aren’t they fighting back they are trained and armed.

  3. kollel faker: My guess is that they are fairly sympathetic to the people in the area, and are probably considering desertion as it is. They joined the army to defend Jews, and know find due to changed circumstances, that the people they want to defend see the IDF as the enemy they need defending from.

  4. akuperma, your comments are so professorial, so patronizing, so predictable, and so one-sided, why don’t you just spare us from your tiresome, long-winded lectures.

  5. This soldier isn’t even religious. He put on a kipa sruga as he entered Yerushalayim. He came to Yerushalayim strolling around near a Yeshiva as a provocateur. He wanted to get attacked, he got it.

  6. This will escalate to horrible end results.

    The American Diapora kehillos have heard enough already, are sick and tired of this polarization, name calling, and anti-Torah behavior and are closing pockets to many Charedi type modos.

    This morning in shul, my husband was told by a “Chardei looking” meshulach that doors are closed in his face and he is asked so are you a Chardikim agitator????

  7. #7 That’s odd. Just last week a “Chardei looking” meshulach told *me* that donations have increased substantially since the Israelis started lashing out at Chareidim.

  8. #6 Where do you get your information from? Next time my advise to ANY (kipa or no kipa) soldier being attacked by a so called Jew, hurt him preferably at the knee. This will accomplish two things. 1)keep him away from further trouble. 2) Now that he cant walk maybe he’ll be forced to sit and learn like he purports to do.

  9. AThought – Your comment interests me. Where did you hear this? (I live in Jerusalem and there have been prior instances of provocation).

  10. Athought is a provocateur himself. Comments like he makes (and others) only exarcaberate the ‘sinas chinom”.Brooklynmom is quite right. Chareidi mosdos are collapsing and they are sending planeloads of meshulochim to gather money. I sure would not patronize any extreme chareidi mossed.

  11. Blame the victim…

    Why would it matter if you put on a huge kippah, a velvet kippah, a Bucharian yarmulke and walk through a neighborhood. The next result will be Charedi looking people attacked in Talbiah, Abu Diss, etc..

  12. The rush here to condemn without hearing both sides..
    is par but remarkable

    In a Kulturkampf ,collateral damage would be expected

  13. You know, en mass hundreds of frum soldiers should go daven minchah, or even better and longer AND WITH TEFILLIN, daven shacharis at the Mir. And the next time some yokel comes up to a frum soldier and attacks him, the soldier should crack him in the head with the butt of his rifle. This is unconscionable (sp?).

  14. I learn in the Mir and I may be wrong but I can almost guarantee you that this person is not enrolled in the Yeshiva. He just ran into the Yeshiva. This is not the way of the Mir Yeshiva. The Mir is a very inclusive Yeshiva where all types belong: Toldos Ahron, Chassidish, Litvish and KBY. Everyone may have different hashkofos but no one cares. Are you learning with geshmak? Is your bein adam lchaveiro up to par? This is what matters in the Mir.

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