Arabs Attack Jerusalem Police Station


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parDozens of Arabs threw rocks at a police station on Sultan Suleiman Street in the eastern capital resulting in a number of officers being injured. Police used riot gear to control the attack, not wishing to fire live ammunition.

The attack on Friday, erev Shabbos Nachamu 5773 followed the arrest of a number of Arabs for throwing rocks at Jewish pedestrians and motorists in the area of the Old City. At least two policemen were treated for light injuries. Five police vehicle were damaged in the attack.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. It’s about time they did start to use some live ammunition on these creeps. Maybe if we kill a few of them, they’ll stop. They do what ever they want with their rocks and stones because they know Israel’s hands are tied by the rest of the world. I wish Israel would finally say “the rest of the world be damned!”