Viral Music Video!!


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Are you ready??? No, Not for Chanukah, but for the newest music video for one of the hottest songs of the year ! Uri Davidi who  followed up his debut hit album Halevai, with an even more amazing album MUCHNIM, is finally releasing a dynamic music video for the song that many camps/schools were singing all summer long!


Presenting MUCHANIM the music video shot by the talented Menachem Weinstein of Munch Media, the guys behind Uri’s popular Tefilah Sheli video. So how does one show people preparing for Moshiach? It’s all about getting along, spreading positive messages and helping one another. Ahavas Chinom for no other reason than just to have goodness in the world. Enjoy this new music video, and THIS Chanukah, lets show the world that we are MUCHANIM. Lets bring Moshiach now!!!






Uri Davidi Muchanim – אורי דוידי – מוכנים

Composed by: Yitzy Waldner

Lyrics by: Miriam Israeli

Choir by: Zemiros Choir

Musical Production: Daniel Kapler

Arrangement: Daniel Kapler, Ian Freitor

Mixed by: Daniel Kapler, Playmasters studio

Keyboards by: Daniel Kapler Guitars: Daniel Kapler

Programming by: Daniel KaplerVideo Credits:

Video by Munch Media

Directed by Menachem Weinstein

1st Camera by Sruly Saftlas

2nd Camera by Menachem Weinstein

Main actors: Mendy Pellin, Ben Pellin & Sholom Holtzberg

Special thank you to: Darchei Menachem, Motti Jacobson, Chaya Weinstein, Mainhouse BBQ, Make Up by Henya, Bryan Flores, DJ Yossi, and the Crown Heights Shomrim.