“ONLY ONE LANGUAGE THE THUGS UNDERSTAND” Curtis Sliwa and Guardian Angels Joins Shomrim Patrolling Boro Park [VIDEO]

Photo by Ari K.

The Guardian Angels, a private, unarmed crime-prevention group, said it would start patrolling Boro Park, to assist the Shomrim Patrol, following a series of anti-Semitic attacks.

Curtis Sliwa, who founded the organization in 1979 in New York City was in Boro Park on Monday night and spoke for the cameras,

There is only one language the thugs understand”, Sliwa said on camera.

“Pain compliance”.

“Shomrim, remember you’re roots. You gotta get rough and you gotta get tough…and most importantly, you gotta let them know you mean business. If they come into your Jewish community to attack your people, then you gotta get out there and send them a message they understand, an attitude readjustment.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Thank you Curtis Sliwa. What a good guy you are and thank you to all the Guardian Angels team. You were there for us years ago and so glad you are present now working in solidarity with our community.
    The press coverage you obtain tough language you use is not our communities style but both are key to giving the message that we won’t be passive to our attackers

  2. Yeaah! We’re gonna teach em thugs with the Pain Compliance method! It works! It worked in the past on us when we were kids. Today’s kids don’t know that method of compliance! It works! Tried and tested for many years!

  3. Thanks to all of those that help make us feel safer and make our neighborhoods safer.
    But Raboisai, DON’T FORGET to rely only on Hashem!!!
    We all know the truth, Hashem is the only one who can really save us.
    Ask your Rav how you can make a difference.
    Hashem Yerachem Aleinu V’all Kol Yisrael, Amein

  4. There is only one language the thugs understand”, Sliwa said on camera.
    “Pain compliance”.

    i.e. Public floggings like in Singapore & Saudi Arabia;
    Any hand used to attack some one, simply gets chopped off, like in Singapore and Saudi Arabia.
    Have criminals locked in birches on the corner of 13th & 50th, and outside 770, for an entire day.