WATCH THIS: Israeli Driver Smashes Police Traffic Cameras


This Israeli driver decided to stop at every Police camera on a highway in Afula and destroy them.

Watch as he slows down by every camera, exit his vehicle, pick up the traffic cameras, and throw them into the roadway.

No idea why he was doing this, but Police are looking for him.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. he probably got a speeding ticket. should have paid it. smashing the cameras is going to end up costing him a lot more, and might even get him a visit to jail for a few days

  2. It looks highly suspicious. Whereas it could be a crazed individual who is getting his own back at the police for a speeding ticket. It could well be a person with chas vesholom motives to assist free movement of our enemies. Well done, whoever took the video which I hope is being carefully checked by police, shin bet, mossad and whoever else’s job it is to try to protect people from harm.

  3. Strange. Why are they not attached to the posts they sit on, and why are they so low? You’d think they’d be mounted high where they get a better view of the road and are too high for vandals to reach.