HEART-STOPPING FOOTAGE: Child Runs Across Kiryas Joel Street, Driver Manages To Stop


While many find videos like this disturbing, it should be used as a learning lesson.

This frightening incident occurred on “Beirach Moshe Street” in Kiryas Joel on Tuesday.

Watch how a young child runs across the street directly in front of a car. The driver is heard shrieking in fear on his dash-cam as he slams on the breaks. Bichasdei Hashem the child makes it across in a hair-splitting second.


The driver was driving at a safe speed and was alert of his surroundings and had sufficient time to stop in time.

Children should be taught how to properly cross a street, and parents should be aware where their children are at all times.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I hope the driver followed the child home and spoke to her mother. not that I think it will help, because I have seen the same thing in Williamsburg and Boro Park. people cross without looking. they think they own the streets.

  2. I had an incident like this about a year ago in Monsey on motzaei Shabbos on Forshay road cruising along at 35-40 mph,, a little child, I still remember he was wearing a little hat with a pom-pom, suddenly came out of nowhere and dashed across the road right in front my car, chasdei Hashem I slammed the brakes and just missed him. I was so shaken that I returned an hour later just to make sure, no hatzoloh, no police, no yellow tape, life just continued as normal, but how different things could have been.

  3. ChananiaL,

    You really shouldn’t speed, that could lead to accidents. There is a reason that the speed limit on Forshay Rd. is only 30 mph.