BUSTED: Huge Illegal Drug Lab Discovered In Heart Of Bnei Brak [PHOTOS]


It was cleared for publication on Monday that a huge drug lab was discovered in the heart of a residential neighborhood in Bnei Brak last week.

Israel police raided a huge three-level marijuana lab on Rabban Gamliel Street in Bnei Brak last Tuesday. The lab contained hundreds of cannabis plants weighing over 400 kilograms as well as a large amount of equipment for growing the drug, a commercial scale and thousands of shekels. The marijuana plants were of a particularly potent type which can be especially dangerous to users.

Israel Police received tips leading them to suspect the existence of the drug operation and conducted an extensive undercover operation.

On Sunday night, the investigation was opened as police arrested the 23-year-old Bnei Brak resident suspected of running the drug operation in Ben-Gurion Airport on his return home from a trip abroad.

The suspect was brought to the police station for questioning and was jailed at the end of the investigation.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. “The marijuana plants were of a particularly potent type which can be especially dangerous to users.”

    Can you clarify this sentence? Since you can’t overdose on marijuana, what exactly is the danger of higher potency? They will overeat and get an upset stomach?

  2. I see. So you’re not allowed to get an education, get employment as a doctor, an accountant, a bricklayer or a flooring installer. Because then you’re an am ha’aretz and nobody will marry your children. Agriculture on the other hand is muttar. At least if we’re talking about cannabis. Growing tomatoes and eggplants not so much. Did I get that right?

  3. @assurnet as a cannabis professional, proponent and user i agree with you with your analysis about what does it mean it was a potent type of strain i believe in this case ywn is just trying to push a bit of hysteria. Marijuana potency does not come from what type of strain but in how the marijuana is grown if it is grown correctly throughout the process. It can be any strain i.e sour diesel, purple kush, blue dream etc. the strain has nothing to do with potency. with regards to your other statement i will not sugar coat this because i am a realist as well. when you say that you cannot overdose on marijuana that is not correct at all. you may not DIE from an OD of marijuana but you can overdose so that you wind up in the hospital with a multitude of side effects. just look at statistics and see how many marijuana patients ended up in the hospital because they smoked too much of the stuff. Overdose does not constitute death. It means you over did yourself and have a medical emergency

  4. I thought the zionists wanted the frum community to “work” for a living, and it seems they are getting in on the ground floor of what is a global growth industry (it seems that even if marijuana as a medicine is a hoax, at you the patient won’t care about being ill).