IDF Soldiers In Bnei Brak “Armed” With Hebrew-Yiddish Dictionaries


No one knows how long the lockdown on Bnei Brak will continue and according to Major General Roni Noma in an interview with Yisrael Hayom on Sunday, it will take weeks and maybe even months.

In the wake of the length of the operation, IDF soldiers have begun to practice some Yiddish phrases to be able to communicate with all the residents of Bnei Brak, which apparently include some who don’t speak Hebrew, B’Chadrei Chareidim reported.

The hundreds of IDF soldiers assisting Israel Police to enforce the lockdown on Bnei Brak, including providing meals to the needy and elderly, were provided with Yiddish-Hebrew dictionaries.

Some of the phrases translated from Yiddish to Hebrew were: “Shalom,” “How are you?” “Is there someone here who speaks Hebrew?” “Help me please” and “This is an emergency.” Even the phrase “Baruch Hashem” is included with the emphasis on the Yiddish pronunciation of the word Baruch.

“During our preparations for the relief operation [in Bnei Brak] we tried to teach the soldiers about the culture and language of a segment of the population there,” Captain N., the unit’s educational officer, told Army Radio. “The dictionary includes basic words to assist the soldiers to carry out their life-saving mission.”

On Monday night, IDF soldiers distributed food to needy Bnei Brak residents.

Below, IDF Chief of Staff visits Bnei Brak on Sunday accompanied by the commander of the Home Front Command, Major General Tamir Yedai, Commander of the “HaAish” Brigade, Brigadier General Yaron Finkelman and other commanders.

Below is a picture of Defense Minister Naftali Bennett’s tour of the city.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Funny, Bnei Brak is usually known for the fact that its residents speak only hebrew, in contrast to Yerushalayim which has full neighborhoods that speak mainly yiddish…