A Happy Ending To The Story That Went Viral Due To A 16-Year-Old’s Chessed


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When Tamar Hyman stepped in to help the Buchris family of Tel Tzion, the family of 11 was truly in a tragic plight.

The young father was hospitalized in serious condition, sedated and attached to a ventilator. The mother who had just given birth a week and a half earlier was also diagnosed with the virus along with her infant and 11-year-old daughter. The mother and two children were taken to the Kibbutz Lavie “coronavirus hotel” to recuperate.

Tamar stepped in to take care of the remaining young children at home. But the dispersal of the family to three separate locations and the young children left at the home seemed minor compared to the real fear looming in everyone’s minds. The father, Yaron Attia Buchris, was in serious condition in the ICU at Hadassah Ein Kerem. The doctors said the only thing that could help him was tefillos.

Today, there’s a happy ending to the story. Yaron has Baruch Hashem recovered and returned to his home. His wife and two of his children are still at the coronavirus hotel. (Since patients at coronavirus hotels are required to test negative for the coronavirus twice before being released and there is a shortage of tests in Israel, healthy patients are last on the list to be tested and the tests at “coronavirus hotels” are often delayed.)

Yaron, who was interviewed by Channel 12 News, said that he has recovered but is still very weak and fatigued but is thankful to Hakadosh Baruch for the neis galui of his recovery. He also thanked Am Yisrael for their support and chessed.

May all the cholei Am Yisrael have a refuah shelimah.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)