BIG NEWS: American Yeshiva Bochurim Can Return To Israel With Conditions


Interior Minister Aryeh Deri made a decision, in coordination with the foreign ministry and health ministry, to allow “chutznik” avreichim and bochurim, with valid visas to return to Israel to continue their learning in yeshivos and kollelim.

Deri wrote a letter to roshei yeshivos explaining his decision and detailing the arrangements that need to be put into place.

“In order to ease the process [of enrolling foreign students], I have decided that the requests will be made via the roshei yeshivos directly to the Population Authority through a dedicated email address and not through the consulates,” Deri wrote.

Deri added that the yeshivas must declare that the bochurim have a place to quarantine according to health ministry regulations.

“Regarding single bochurim, the yeshivah will have the responsibility to declare that it will set aside a dorm for quarantine according to the health ministry’s regulations…The importance of adhering to guidelines is critical regarding this population of students since they are arriving from countries with widescale spread of the pandemic,” Deri added, referring to the many students who live in the New York area, England and France.

The following regulations will apply to “chutznik” avreichim and bochurim returning to Israel:

  • The travelers must ensure that they are picked up at the airport by a private driver who will drive straight to the place they can self-quarantine. They cannot travel home from the airport via public transportation.
  • The building used by a yeshivah for quarantine must be completely separate from the living quarters of the yeshiva bochurim.
  • Each student who requires quarantine is required to have a separate room with a separate bathroom and shower which cannot be shared with other students requiring quarantine.
  • The yeshivah must supply the quarantined students with food for the entire duration of their quarantine.
  • The yeshivah should appoint someone as the liaison between the quarantined students and the yeshivah administration. The liaison will ensure that all the needs of the students are met so they have no need to emerge from their rooms.
  • A student who doesn’t feel well or develops symptoms of the coronavirus should immediately contact the yeshivah and the yeshivah must contact the health ministry.

A source in one of the yeshivas said to Chareidim10: “It’s unclear to me why Deri doesn’t demand that the avreichim and bochurim undergo serological tests. I also don’t understand why he doesn’t write about sanctions that will be imposed on anyone who violates the guidelines.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Clearly they’re trying to get more money in the economy, which makes sense however, I’m surprised they didn’t come up with a better way than the 14-day quarantine. Think about it, the 14-day quarantine puts them only a month and change to the end of the zman.

  2. First of all the headline is misleading, as it’s virtually impossible for any large American yeshiva to meet the strict regulations. It’s very important that bochurim don’t miss out on this short but very important period of their life. and it can be done safely.

  3. Big deal, they could have done this 2 months ago.

    Each boy needs his private bathroom, hotels hires a good lobyist.

    What big news……… typical tzionim pretend like they ate helping the bnei torah while actually making it worse

  5. Misrad Hapnim has sent me the following email: [email protected] and the following webpage:
    MK’s secretary suggested the Yeshiva should contact Vaad Hayeshivos

    As apparently yeshiva’s Mir and probably many other institutions cannot provide a private room disconnected from the rest of the Yeshiva let guarantee compliance for all the would be come backs, this is more of a PR or to satisfy chareidy MK’s than a practical solution for most Bochrim and Avreichim.

  6. Which yeshiva dira or dorm has as private bedroom and bathroom for each bochur? The conditions laid down are untenable! And yes, antibody testing combined with a covid test that is negative is probably the best indicator of whether quarantine will be required.

  7. And any bochur who violates these rules will be put on the first flight back to JFK ??? These guidelines are a total joke and make no sense with just a few weeks left in the z’man. Presumably they will not be attending classes for the 2 weeks of quarantine and only allowed to leave their dorms for Thursday night cholent.