21 Israeli Students Contract COVID-19, 418 In Isolation, 2 Schools & 8 Daycares Closed

Hebrew Gymnasium school (Wikipedia Commons)

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Three teachers from the Hebrew Gymnasium school in the Rechavia neighborhood of Jerusalem tested positive for the coronavirus on Thursday morning.

On Wednesday, three students at the school tested positive for the virus. The students were tested while in self-quarantine after a 7th-grade student at the school was diagnosed with the virus on Tuesday, sending 60 students and nine teachers into isolation.

The school is reportedly shutting down for the time being, only weeks after it reopened. All the students and staff members will be tested for the coronavirus.

Also on Thursday, it was reported that two sisters in Bat Yam were diagnosed with the coronavirus, sending the 10th graders and ten staff members at the Shazar High School in the city into quarantine as well as all the students and staff of the Sus HaYam pre-school.

The sisters apparently caught the virus from their mother who was also diagnosed with the virus, a Channel 12 News report said.

The education ministry said on Wednesday that a total of 21 students had contracted the coronavirus, forcing the closing of two schools and eight daycare centers and the quarantine of 418 students and staff members.

The Channel 13 News report also said that the Tel Aviv municipality tested 40 foreign workers in the city and 10 of them were positive for the coronavirus.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)