Chabad House At Delaware University Torched In Arson Attack [PHOTOS]


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An arsonist torched a University of Delaware’s Chabad Center, investigators revealed Wednesday.

On Tuesday, shortly after 11 p.m., a fire damaged the building on the 200 block of South College Avenue which houses the Chabad Center. Firefighters arrived at the scene and spotted flames shooting from the structure. They were able to bring the fire under control and no injuries were reported.

The fire caused extensive damage.

The Delaware Fire Marshal’s office later determined the blaze was intentionally set. A criminal investigation is underway.

A fund has been launched on The Chesed Fund to help the Chabad House rebuild.



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  1. So this is now the burning of Jewish Houses of Worship in Portland and Delaware? As well as the defacement of Jewish Houses of Worship in Los Angeles. Classy, Democrats. Real classy.

  2. Not surprised to see Chabad House burning in Joe Biden’s home state. Marxist Democrat foot-soldiers mobs (peaceful protesters according to CNN) also vandalize synagogue in Kenosha with “Free Palestine” graffiti.

  3. Understood. I am not familiar with commercial insurance and don’t know if they help pay for alternate locations (like home insurance that will put you up in a hotel). The campaign is for $500k

  4. To Old Crown High and MeshugenuhInGolus: Is it possible that your versions of YWN as displayed on your devices are different than what is displayed on my laptop? On my laptop, there is nothing connecting Democrats to this tragic event.

  5. Hi Huju: There have been two instances in the past few months where synagogues have been defaced with both BLM and anti-Semitic graffiti. The connection between BLM and elements of the Democratic party is proven. The ATF is investigating the cases of arson of Jewish houses of worship in Oregon and Delaware. We’ll see if they come up with anything conclusive. But unless they prove otherwise I’m operating under the assumption that at a minimum the inspiration for these cases of arson have come from left-oriented extremists. And even if right wing extremists turn out to be responsible, the lawlessness currently destroying numerous American cities was unleashed by the left. And not some fringe, invisible left. The left in the form of duly elected Democrats, members of the media and so-called academics, trying to unseat President Trump.

  6. Huju, the only people who do this sort of thing are Democrats.

    By the way, Richard Spencer and David Duke are both supporting Biden. Are you going to react the same way you did when they supported Trump four years ago? Of course you won’t, because you are nothing if not a hypocrite.