LOCKDOWN WILL NOT END AFTER SUKKOS: Israel: 233,554 Cases, 1,507 Deaths

An Israeli solder and a police officer wear face mask during the three-week nationwide lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic in police roadblock in Tel Aviv, Israel, Saturday, Sept. 19, 2020. (AP/Ariel Schalit)

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Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said on Tuesday that there is no chance the current lockdown will end after Simchas Torah as was originally planned.

“There’s no chance that the lockdown will be lifted immediately after Simchas Torah – unequivocally,” Edelstein said on Kan News. “There’s no scenario that in ten days we’ll lift everything and say ‘everything is fine now.'”

“We learned our lesson from the first wave and this time the exit fom the lockdown will be implemented gradually and responsibly.”

A Channel 12 News report said that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu believes that the lockdown will be extended for about a month.

Netanyahu also said on Motzei Yom Kippur that Israel’s hospitals are preparing to increase their capacity to treat 1,500 seriously ill coronavirus patients by Thursday, October 1.

Israel’s Health Ministry confirmed 1,121 coronavirus cases on Tuesday, a low number due to the low number of tests carried out over Yom Kippur. There are currently 65,025 active virus cases, with 755 seriously ill patients, of whom 207 are ventilated. An additional 33 fatalities were confirmed over Yom Kippur, raising the death toll to 1,507.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Lockdowns don’t help! Why aren’t they just admitting the truth instead of pushing an agenda of “we’re stronger than the virus/Hashem”? Oh, wait, כחי ועוצם ידי

  2. The Israeli government should be tried for war crimes against its own people. Frankly, it dosnt matter how many lives are saved (if any). You dont do this bizaare thing called lockdown. It has never been done in the history of epidemics, even epidemics that make this one look like a joke.

  3. Edelstein and Netanyahu are alone on this. Even the corona czar was against the lockdown (and certainly against extending it). Let us hope the government and the Knesset will not approve this madness. This is destroying the country and people have nothing to eat, children will be hefker and without chinuch. The scare tactics are not working, most people understand that this virus is not the killer it was supposed to be. Billions of dollars are wasted simply to relieve the health system, which could have benefitted more from even one billion dollar investment.

  4. If the idiots running around without masks and crowd together there won’t be a need to shut down the economy because it will collapse without government intervention. Gadolei yisroel have called for short-term efforts to restrict the spread of the virus but there are still pockets of mindless yidden, just as there are goyim, who are unwilling to accept any restrictions on their “personal liberty”

  5. Gadolhadorah you have to hesitate before condemning large swaths of people. did you know for example that only 182 people under 70 have died in israel from or with covid as of last month? did you know that the infection stats are bogus and these are not cases. These people are mostly asymptomatic. 80% show zero symptoms. 18% show mild ones. The PCR test was never meant to be used for detecting a specific virus and is incapable of doing so. A positive only means that you have been exposed to some member of wide family of Corona viruses including the common cold or some particles of long dead viruses left behind from a cold even as long as a year ago or more! Additionally, Israel tests at a high magnification of 37 cycles. Germany tests at 30 cycles, Singapore at 32, and the USA at 34. The method is also wrought with big percentages of false positives especially when done under pressure like now.

  6. Because someone who calls himself gadol hadorah is always making fun of our Gedolei Torah. Now all of a sudden he is afraid for his life so everyone needs to put on a mask. Take some zinc with vitamin c and youh have nothing to worry. The masks are not working in E.Y. and they wont save you either.