Bnei Brak Down To Four New Cases of Coronavirus On Wednesday

A shul in Bnei Brak, closed down by police on October 1, 2020. (Photo: Israel Police)

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The city of Bnei Brak continues to lower its Coronavirus morbidity rate on a daily basis due to the majority of the populace adhering to the regulations set forth by the Health Ministry. On Wednesday, only four residents of the city tested positive for the Coronavirus. At the beginning of the week, the city was seeing an average of five new cases a day, and that has decreased.

In Israel, the 20 cities with the highest morbidity rate have shown a decrease, but some are beginning to rise in numbers once again. Jerusalem currently has 1,066 active cases, among them are 108 new cases as of today. In Tel Aviv there are 25 active cases with 28 new cases as of today. Haifa has 222 active cases and 24 new cases. Be’er Sheva has 158 cases with 16 new cases today. Petach Tikvah has 136 cases with 8 new cases today, two of them coming from the same school.

Netanya has 131 active cases with 7 new cases today. Modi’in Illit has 81 active cases with 9 new cases today. Ashdod has 108 active cases with 6 new cases today. Bnei Brak has 200 active cases with 4 new ones today. Ashkelon has 68 active cases with 4 new ones today. Beit Shemesh has 46 active cases with 4 new ones today. Beitar Illit has 47 active cases with 4 new ones today.

Rosh Ha’ayin, Elad, Netivot, and Rechasim all had fewer than new cases today. Ramat Gan, Tzefat, Tevaria, and Immanuel all had no new cases today.

While some of the numbers in certain cities are continuing to drop or reflect no new cases, some cities are once again beginning to see a slow rise and that is worrying some of the municipal leaders of those cities.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)