REMEMBER HER? Dem. NYS Senator Who Wanted Summer Camps & Vacation Homes Closed Last Summer Loses To REPUBLICAN

New York State Senator-elect Mike Martucci (Republican)

First term New York State Senator Jen Metzger conceded defeat on Tuesday, meaning Republican Mike Martucci will be the new representative in the 42nd District.

This was Martucci’s first run in politics.

Jen Metzger became well-known in the Jewish community when she wrote a public letter calling for all summer camps in Sullivan County to be closed last summer. Her letter not only called for camps to be closed, but for rightful owners of second homes to not be allowed to use them.

Her letter triggered vile anti-Semitic on various forums in the Catskills. An open-letter was addressed to her, which she never responded to.

We all know how many COVID-19 cases the camps and summer residents brought to the Catskills this summer: Nearly none. Almost as many cases of measles that the local anti-Semites said Jews would bring to the area a few years back.

A primary focus of Martucci’s campaign was the bail reforms pushed by Democrats in Albany including Metzger.

“The number one issue that I was hearing as I traveled around the district for months and months in this campaign was the concern about public safety and certainly the dangerous bail reform laws that were passed in Albany wee top of mind for folks and I think played auge, huge role in the decision that voters made with respect to this race,” he said.

Metzger pledged to service out the remainder of her time in office “with the same energy and commitment I’ve given this job for the last two years. We cannot stop fighting for the dignity and well-being of all people in or communities.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. This is what you get when you elect Democrats: Authoritarianism big government overreach (Governor Andy, Mayor Blas and their pals). Friends do not let friends vote for Democrats.

  2. Absolutely! Red wave bigtime! 72 million votes for Trump& U got to be kiddn to think d alter kakker Biden got people out in droves for more. It’s inconceivable. In any case, welcome to our new Republican that defeated the rotten apple.