Liberal Democrat NYS Senator Calls To Keep Camps & Bungalow Colonies Closed This Summer


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Below is a response to a letter written to State Senator Jen Metzger by a Sullivan County Resident.

Thank you for writing, Linda.

I am well aware of this issue and believe that the safest thing for all residents to do is to stay put in their homes and travel as little as possible.

My team and I are doing all that we can to get through to the Governor, requesting that he provide more clarity as it relates to seasonal camps and colonies, which should certainly be shut down during this pandemic as it will be difficult for them to comply with important social distancing measures.

While the precautions New York has taken to date are beginning to have a positive impact, to open summer camps and bungalow colonies risks undoing the progress made to date in controlling transmission of the virus and prolonging the economic slowdown, which we do not want.

As you may know, if a resident owns a second home they do have a right to access their property as private residences cannot be regulated by the county; however, I will continue to advocate that folks remain in their primary homes.

Thank you for your advocacy on this issue, and I encourage you to continue reaching out to me with your questions and concerns.

All my best,

Senator Jen Metzger
42nd District, New York State Senate
(845) 344-3311
[email protected]

To Whom It May Concern,

I am deeply concerned after hearing that camps and seasonal bungalow colonies are making preparations to open this summer from my neighbors in Swan Lake. Is it really an advisable decision during this pandemic? Our governor has consistently stated that areas all over the state must open carefully following data driven guidelines recommended by the CDC. How will these places practice safe social distancing? There has been a report of an increase in cases and it could get worst since they travel back and forth to the city or to overly populated areas. First and foremost we cannot put the health and safety of our residents at risk. The governor always states we must be smart during this unprecedented time.

Linda xxxxx

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I’m sorry I happen to hate liberal dems but no need to headline this story like that. She’s right. All because it’s something that affects most of us doesn’t mean it’s the safest thing to do. We don’t know if this whole thing will be over by then and the residents living up there are concerned about their well being. Not out to get us

  2. The only way camps can possibly open is if people are prepared to sue local health departments amidst this crisis…think about that.

  3. The handlling of the coronavirus is not a liberal vs. conservative issue. It is a safety issue, and we have to balance medical safety – staying at home, not travelling, locking down – against resumption of usual activity, like working, commuting, shopping, earning, all of which increase the risk of contracting a deadly illness. I don’t know where the right balance is, but I am choosing life over parnassah. That’s easy for me because i have sufficient savings and other resources not to work for a while.

    Kids want camp, want summer fun, want their friends, even want school. Their parents, if they need current income, have tough choices to make. And governors have to focus on those tough choices.

  4. As much as I hate to say it, they’re probably right. I lived for camp as a kid (and still do to be honest), but the locals have a very valid reason not to want us there this year.
    It all boils down to what will be safe at the time. I hope and pray that camps and bungalow colonies will be allowed to open as planned, but if the governor deems it unsafe, we should NOT GO UP. We cannot go against the law and we cannot endanger lives. Not their lives and not ours.
    Even if the governor does allow camps and bungalow colonies to open, we should all be very careful, especially in places where we come into contact with the locals not to make a chillul hashem. We have to be as careful for their safety and wellbeing at least as much as we are for ours. We are guests in their land. The locals have every right to expect us to behave and treat them with due regard. And if we run up there with no regards for their safety, we’ll be much better of staying put.

  5. The Governor has stated repeatedly that we should shelter in place. We’re in Boca, and it’s the first time ever that we have been here until this late in the spring. Normally we would be back to our private residence by late March, to at least open and air out the house. We are sheltering in place for everyone’s protection. It is galling to have summer residents from areas where the virus is especially prevalent come to the camps and risk everyone’s safety. Everyone’s safety. The Catskills will be fine without us. We have an obligation to each other to adapt to the current recommendations and stay put. Contrary to what a rabbi said in a much-viewed video, this virus is not particular as to whom it infects!