Rav Shalom Arush Plans U.S Tour


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For the first time in over 7 years, Rav Shalom Arush will be embarking on a multi-city U.S. and Mexico tour. If you don’t recognize him by name, then you will surely recognize him by the title of his book that changed millions of lives – The Garden of Emuna.

For many readers, The Garden of Emuna has completely transformed the way they perceived life and everything that happened to them. The concept of Emuna- the belief that everything Hashem does is with a purpose and for our ultimate benefit- has given people the strength they needed to get through their most difficult challenges. It has even saved some from giving up on life altogether.

Each passing day seems to bring with it more pain and suffering. Is there a message that Hashem is trying to give each one of us? It is miraculous that one can survive at all without emuna.

However, why should we settle on mere day-to-day survival? Is this what we were created for- to just get through one day at a time without experiencing genuine peace and tranquility? Is Hashem punishing us, G-d forbid?

YWN A1Rav Arush is keenly aware of the intense struggles of our generation; so much so, that he has decided now is the time to personally convey the message of emuna to the Jews of the U.S. and Mexico. He feels a genuine responsibility to let each and every Jew know that life was not meant to be a seemingly endless string of suffering, and he is doing whatever he can to revive the long-lost sense of deep, unwavering faith and connection with Hashem.

If you live in New York, Toronto, Miami, Los Angeles, or Mexico City- don’t  miss this incredible opportunity to see Rav Arush speak!  Also, Rabbi Lazer Brody will be on tour with Rav Arush to do an English translation for the lectures.

Tour cities and dates as follows:

Los Angeles- Nov. 3,4

New York- Nov. 5-7

Mexico City- Shabbaton Nov. 8,9

Miami- Nov. 10,11

Toronto- Nov. 13

Click HERE for updated times and location info for each event: