Tragedy in Beit Shemesh: 13-Yr.-Old Falls From Height & Niftar, 2 Weeks After His Bar Mitzvah


A 13-year-old Chareidi boy was killed in a tragic incident on Monday when a supportive wall of a fence in the courtyard of a yeshivah ketnana in Beit Shemesh collapsed, causing him to fall from a height of five meters (16.4 feet).

Rescue services rushed to the scene and administered resuscitation methods, continuing with the efforts while evacuating him to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem.

He was identified as Daniel Madmon Z”L, a student at Yeshivas Mivakshei Breslov in Beit Shemesh.

“According to passersby, the fence in the courtyard of the yeshivah collapsed, causing him to fall from a height of five meters,” said Meir Perel, a United Hatzalah paramedic. “I performed resuscitation on him until other paramedics arrived and replaced me and continued with the resuscitation efforts.”

Other Hatzalah paramedics said: “When we arrived at the scene we found a boy of about 13 who fell from a height of about five meters, apparently after he leaned on a fence that collapsed together with him on it. The boy suffered a severe head injury and wasn’t breathing and had no pulse.”

The medical staff at Hadassah continued resuscitation efforts but sadly were forced to pronounce his death shortly later.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. It appears to me that the wall under that fence was slowly falling apart. If I was living in that neighborhood and I noticed that broken wall, I would immediately get busy trying to get something quickly done about it.
    I would not even think about travelling for Rosh Hashana to a distant country, until I see with my own eyes that the wall is completely fixed.

  2. it looks like the yeshivah of breslov was not mekayaim ve’asitah ma’akeh le’gagehah appropriately. better to machmir on a de’oraysah than leaving eretz yisroel for uman.

  3. Did anyone call up the local government and ask them to please fix that wall? My guess is that the wall started to slowly fall apart about 1 year ago. How come no one fixed it during the past 12 months? This is an accident
    waiting to happen.

  4. Dr. Yidd, what a disgusting comment. Do you have proof it was negligence on the Yeshiva’s part? This looks like the usual Beit Shemesh city fencing that was installed on a wall that was somehow weakened, maybe from the heavy rains & high winds we had recently.

    We in Beit Shemesh are deeply upset (no I don’t know the Niftar or his family). Your callous comment can only add to the pain of his family and friends.

    Baruch Dayan Haemet

  5. hml and Ohev Yisroel Meod thank you.

    It’s incredible that anyone would insert snide remarks at a time like this. I know that yeshiva. In general, it’s in good shape. They take care of the place. Beit Shemesh is a hilly place and there’s all kinds of fences on high spots. People get used to situations that could be improved. In general, the Israeli sense of safety could be much improved. It has nothing to do with Breslov. It’s a societal thing.