Watch: Naftali Bennett Announces He Is Running For PM


Yamina leader Naftali Bennett announced on Wednesday night that is challenging Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu‏‏ for the leadership of Israel in the upcoming elections.

Bennett slammed Netanyahu in his speech at the Knesset, saying he has failed to properly manage the response to the coronavirus pandemic due to his personal interests.

The Yamina leader acknowledged Netanyahu’s achievements during his years of service for Israel but said it is time for him to step down. “At the moment of truth, at the time we need him most, he just wasn’t there.”

“The time has come for a change,” Bennett asserted. “Israel needs new leadership. Therefore I am running for prime minister so Israel will have leadership that sees the citizens and not itself.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. which means nothing being that in Israel you don’t vote for president you vote for parties
    and the party with the most votes chooses the PM
    Bennet is looking for publicity which is all he ever does

  2. To yuda mac: Actually, in Israel, I think they do vote for the president, but they don’t vote, directly, for the prime minister. Of course, the president is the guy without much power.