INSANITY: Protesters On Bar Ilan Knock Over Heavy Barrier, Entrapping Chareidi Boy [SEE THE VIDEOS]

Photo: vip Yishai Yerushalmi

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A protest took place on Tuesday on Rechov Bar Ilan in Jerusalem against the construction of the light rail line that is being built through Chareidi neighborhoods. Kanaim have been holding ongoing protests against the construction.

In the course of the protest, the kanaim tried knocking over a heavy safety barrier at the site and a 10-year-old Chareidi boy was injured on his leg.

Much effort was required to extricate the boy. He was treated by MDA paramedics on the scene and evacuated to the hospital.

Israel Police stated: “Israel Police continue to act against dozens of protesters who violate public order while blocking the Bar Ilan interesection and damaging the construction infrastructure at the site.”

“In the course of the protests, the protesters knocked over safety barriers and as a result, a child was injured on his leg and he was treated by MDA.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Will this teach a lesson to these animals? Knowing their way of thinking they are over it, not their child injured, who cares.
    I really feel for the child and his parents, BUT! Why is a child part of this protest? Is this called chinuch?

  2. The person who had the audacity to knock this barrier onto the foot of this 10 year old boy, must immediately have his own leg crushed by a barrier, and left to rot there, for ever & ever, for such a wicked viscous act.
    Meanwhile what are all these low lives doing there during a national lockdown?

  3. Dont be so fast to condemn all of these people. Until you have lived in their environment with their unite struggles.
    What have the police done to improve their relationship with the local communities? and what have the local communities done to improve their relationship with the police?

    Attention 147- we dont hold from an eye for an eye

  4. @147 Meanwhile what are all these low lives doing there during a national lockdown? They are no different than the thousands of left-wing protesters in Rechavia against Natanyahu…

  5. Shlomie check the video saw a guy with a mask. Maybe they were all injected with the vaccine . Ya right who am I kidding. They are non believers- infidels . haha

  6. to 147
    Do you really thlnk he did it on purpose? I’m sure he didn’t.
    to ShloimieB
    I’m sure he cared very much, even though it’s not his child. And why do you think the parents sent the child to the demonstration? Probably he passed it on his way home from school. The real lockdown starts tomorrow (Thursday) night at 12:00). By the way-demonstrations are allowed-see what goes on every night on Balfour.
    Does anyone know why they are demonstrating? It’s because they don’t want an influx of secular in their stores and on their streets. Our frum areas are beautiful and the women and girls all dress modestly. Now when lthe train will start coming through the chiloni women will be getting off, walking around in their short shorts and and sleeveless undershirts and starting up with the frum. It will change life considerlably in those areas. So they are trying to prevent it. There are other routes the train could take. But it is a lost cause and whatever they do they can’t stop it. I personally don’t like these kind of demonstrations and we never participate in them.

  7. There is nothing wrong about secular coming into our stores and neighborhoods. The way the frum women dress, especially the young Americans are not so far from them. Busses bring them now past our neighborhood with secular and there is nothing wrong with that. These kids protesting are teenagers who are bored.
    The protesters don’t mean to harm the people, they just don’t think, like your teenagers too.
    About masks, I visited last month Brooklyn and Lakewood and no one are wearing masks there, but that is ok by you.
    I can’t stand there protesters, very annoying. But you writers ARE PEOPLE WHO NEED DEEP THERAPY, ANTI SEMITES, EVIL THE WAY YOU TALK. You would probably want to gas these boys if you could. It is good you live in the US. You would really kill these teenagers. You kids are hanging out with the wrong gender, on drugs , street kids . When your kids come here to Eretz Yisroel, us Rebbeim have to give them chinuch they never got at home. They are traumatized from there parents, and we are the first ones to give them love and an opportunity to succeed. Look at the way you always bash the frum here. IT IS DISGUSTING. That is the hate you raise your kids with. So don’t speak evil about these kids. Your kids are messed up by you parents!!!!!!! Maybe learn the word LOVE??!!! Maybe kiss your kids and tell them you love them. Get therapy on how to look at your own kids, who are all exposed to the tumah you bring into your house. Do some soul searching please. Thank you.
    With that said, I still love you all!

  8. How did the conversation turn to the propriety of the construction? The conversation was surrounding the fact that some protesters recklessly endangered the lives of other Yidden. One can most certainly support the protesters in general while condemning any who go dangerously overboard. That’s called honesty.

  9. peleg and their rabbis are evil people who believe in values that are NOT Torah values like respecting the country in which you are living, like bringing peace into the world, like listening to the great rabbis who say just go and give your paper to the army to get out of the army, like protesting peacefully.

    peleg and their rabbis are evil and should be burnt on the stake with witches and goblins, but the Torah doesn’t allow us to do that.