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Jerusalem: Baby Born To COVID Patient Dies Two Days Later

Doctors at Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center in Jerusalem performed an emergency C- section on a pregnant woman ill with the coronavirus, delivering the baby in critical condition. Sadly, the baby died two days later, on Motzei Shabbos, Kan News reported on Sunday night.

The woman, in her ninth month of pregnancy, noticed a lack of fetal movement late last week. She arrived at the hospital and was attached to a fetal monitor and an obstetrician performed an ultrasound. Forty minutes after her arrival at the hospital, doctors began the emergency operation.

According to a medical expert quoted by Kan, a 40-minute wait for the C-section was excessive. However, Hadassah released a statement saying that the mother had been instructed to come to the hospital several hours before she actually arrived.

“[The patient] delayed several hours from the time she called the hospital’s hotline until she arrived at the hospital,” the hospital stated, adding that the surgical staff had to take protective measures against the coronavirus before preparing the patient for an operation, including anesthetizing her.

“We are exploring this tragic situation in-depth, and obviously it was reported to the Health Ministry,” a Hadassah Ein Kerem spokesperson said.

“We emphasize that the hospital is prepared, despite the difficult limitations, to treat coronavirus patients who are giving birth. Our heart goes out to the woman and her husband. The Hadassah staff is supporting and assisting them during this difficult time.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. This baby did NOT die because of COVID-19.
    This baby died because it was in prolonged distress and it needed out ASAP. Instead of delivering in an emergency c-section the moment the women walked through the doors of the hospital (which doctors today know how to do) they waited 40 minutes to get their COVID chaos and policies in order.
    Shame on Hadassah Hospital. They have blood on their hands!!
    Notice how the article (and many others on this story) never mentions baby to be positive. I’m sure they tested.
    This baby died of negligence and loss of common sense due to COVID.

  2. @Jam – your statement that “This baby died of negligence” appears to be true. However, from what has been reported in several places, it is not the negligence of Hadassah Hospital. For several days the mother, so it is reported, felt no fetal movements. When she finally called the hospital it then took her several hours to reach the hospital. There the staff followed all proper and prudent COVID procedures. Why is that a “loss of common sense due to COVID”. It is the exact opposite. And no, I have no connection to Hadassah Hospital.

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