“I Want All Of Am Yisrael To See What Chareidim Do”


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Chana Arush, a secular “kibbutznik,” was sitting by her father’s bedside in Sheba Hospital in Tel HaShomer when Chareidi volunteers came to carry out the mitzvah of bikur cholim.

“I want all of Am Yisrael to see what Chareidim do” Chana said in a video posted on social media.

“Come see what they do. Look at this – chessed shel Emes.”

The bochurim, volunteers for the Hakol Me’HaLev organization of Rav Meir Bloch, did their best to cheer up her father, who suffered a severe stroke.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Mrs. Kienan I think I should add some information to you new discovery of the Chareidim. virtually every town or city across the entire globe where chareidim reside you will find many Chareidim volunteering in hospital wards, all attending various types kind of Chesed projects. On most occasions they wouldn’t even know the hospital patient personally. This is done to ANY Jewish patient irrelevant of backgrounds or code of dress.