“Jabs On The Job:” MDA Mobile Vaccine Units Vaccinate In Workplaces, Yeshivas, Hiking Trials

MDA mobile unit; A mobile vaccination center in the Shokeda forest on February 13, 2020 (Photos: Magen David Adom)

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Israel’s government is making efforts to bolster Israel’s vaccination campaign, which has been losing steam in recent weeks, and part of the plan is to bring the vaccines “to the people,” with mobile vaccine units vaccinating Israelis at workplaces, yeshivas, and even hiking trails.

The “jab on the job” campaign will be carried out by Magen Dovid Adom and is an initiative of the Manufacturers Association, Health Ministry, and the IDF’s Home Front Command. Some of the companies that are participating in the campaign are HP Israel, Osem Nestle, Flex, SodaStream, Unilever and Elbit Systems, Globes reported

Soda Stream, which is beginning its vaccination campaign this week, has 3,000 employees and many belong to the Arab or Bedouin sectors, which have very low vaccination rates. Employees getting vaccinated will be allowed to bring family members to get vaccinated as well.

Maccabi Health Services, one of Israel’s four Kupot Cholim, is also carrying out vaccination drives at large companies this week, including Israel Aerospace Industries, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Isracard, Shufersal and Direct Insurance.

Last week, El Al Airlines became the first airline in the world to vaccinate its entire staff. Israir announced that 95% of its staff has been vaccinated and Arkia Airlines said that about 70% of its staff was vaccinated.

Even hikers have been able to be vaccinated “on the go,” with MDA sending three mobile vaccine units to the Shokeda forest near Netivot over the weekend.

On Thursday, Ichilov Hospital launched a mobile vaccination campaign for yeshivah bochurim in the city, with a mobile unit traveling to the city’s largest yeshivas.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. And the people who have anaphylactic reactions after 15 minutes to an hour who drive away with their family and cannot control the vehicle…

  2. I am not quite clear as to why this heading with all the innovative locations for Mobile Vaccine units hasn’t included:- כותל plaza? תחנה מרכזית? Rechov Ben Yehudah? These would seem 3 such obvious choices to me.