Covid 19 and the Megillah: A Solution!


By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for

There seems to be some misinformation that is out there regarding Megillah readings during the Covid pandemic.  The following was checked and approved by numerous Poskim and Morei Horaah.

One May not fulfill the Mitzvah of hearing the Megillah on Zoom.

Shuls should attempt to arrange for additional readings of the Megillah both for the night and morning readings.   This is so that the shuls can maintain adequate social distancing.

People in quarantine who cannot read the Megillah themselves should try to obtain a kosher megillah for both readings and read aloud while following a tape recording or on zoom.  If they have a kosher Megillah, they may recite a bracha.

If they do not have a kosher Megillah then they may hear the Megillah reading on zoom – but they have NOT FULFILLED the Mitzvah.  It is just so that the Megillah reading not be forgotten.   No brachos should be recited.

If one can obtain a kosher Megillah – then follow along while listening to the youtube link below.

It is a tremendous Mitzvah to loan the home-bound a kosher Megillah and provide them with the link above.

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