Drama In J-m’s Biblical Zoo As Lion Eats Bunny In Front Of Children

Illustrative. A male lion basks in the sun on a rocky outcrop in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. (Wikimedia Commons)

The Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem is reviewing its feeding protocols following a rare incident in which children observed a lion eating a rabbit, JTA reported.

“The Biblical Zoo turned into National Geographic in the middle of the day,” a Channel 13 News journalist wrote on Twitter.

“The children who came to the Biblical Zoo today were astounded to see how a lion devours rabbits in the middle of the day. Their parents were horrified.”

The lions are usually fed animals out of public view but in this case, the lion dragged the rabbit into the public area, according to a statement by the zoo.

“The Asian lions in the zoo, which are a species in danger of extinction, are part of a worldwide lion conservation program,” the zoo stated.

“The lions in the zoo are fed prey that is no longer alive, which the zoo receives from an animal food provider. Due to sensitivity, the lions receive their food behind the scenes. In this case, the lion dragged its prey into the exhibition area.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. And this is news because…?

    I can just imagine what the headlines will look like after Pesach … maybe “child eats chicken in front of lion…”

  2. I don’t think it is so bad to see what a lion eats. This is how Hashem made the world. We also eat meat. Here in America I’ve been at the zoo at feeding time many times and the lions are given meat in full view of the visitors. (they were not given whole animals like rabbits, but, just slabs of meat. Is there a difference?) Part of the fun of going to the zoo is being there at feeding time. Is there any difference when the seals are thrown fish to catch in the air?

  3. How about treating it as an educational experience? or as breaking news to sensitive souls: carnivores eat furry vegetarians
    yours truly,
    surviving veegetarian