Reform Rabbi MK Uses Immunity To Hide Sefer Torah For WOW

Labor MK Gilad Kariv (Photo: Women of the Wall)

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A new twist was added to the monthly provocation of the Women of the Wall group on Tuesday as the newly elected Reform Rabbi MK took advantage of his parliamentary immunity to bring a Sefer Torah into the Kosel plaza, which is against Israeli law.

MK Gilad Kariv (Labor) caused an uproar by the Kosel on Tuesday morning on Rosh Chodesh Iyar by hiding a Sefer Torah in his bag for the Women of the Wall group and refusing to allow the guard at the entrance to search his belongings.

Kariv then proceeded to read from the Torah for the members of the Women of the Wall in a gathering at the upper plaza of the Kosel.

UTJ chairman Moshe Gafni slammed Kariv, saying: “Gilad Kariv is a well-known troublemaker from long ago and is now bringing down the Knesset to the lowest of the low, while taking advantage of his immunity in order to harm the Jewish nation around the world for generations.”

Kariv reads from the Torah at the Kosel plaza. (Photo: Women of the Wall)

Israeli journalist Aryeh Erlich wrote: “Reform ‘Jewry,’ the ones that erased all the tefillos regarding Tzion and Yerushalayim, uprooted the yearning for the Beis Hamikdash, and with that the avodas ha’karbanos (the essence of Tefillas Rosh Chodesh) – insist on a Sefer Torah at the remnant of the Beis Hamikdash in order to recite “ובראשי חודשיכם תקריבו עולה להשם’? Stam provocateurs violating the law and mocking tradition.”

The Shas party also condemned Kariv, stating: “MK Gilad Kariv violated the instructions of the Attorney General solely to instigate a provocation at the Kosel, a despicable act that should be thoroughly condemned. Kariv and his group have absolutely no connection to the Kosel. They don’t believe in the Beis Hamikdash and only want to spur incitement and division.”

“MK Kariv arrived at the Kosel plaza together with 20 women of Women of the Wall,” the Western Wall Heritage Foundation stated. “Despite the fact that he was fully aware that the incident would violate public order in a highly sensitive place and the matter is in violation of the rules of the Kosel – and he was even given a letter from the Justice Ministry noting his prohibited actions – he, unfortunately, ignored these issues and continued his provocative behavior.”

“Through this step, Kariv renewed the disturbances that occurred at the Kosel in the past but has quieted down in the past year thanks to the Foundation’s efforts to create unity at the Kosel plaza in general and during Rosh Chodesh tefillos in particular.”

“The Women of the Wall also engaged in provocative behavior and desecrated the kedushas hamakom by joining Kariv at the upper plaza while provoking the mispallelim.”

“It’s a great pity that MK Kariv of the Reform movement is taking advantage of his immunity in order to transgress the law and harm the thousands of mispallelim who visit the Kosel, only in order to create a provocation for a group of extremists who have failed to gain public sympathy after 30 years,” said Oren Honig of Mercaz Liba, an organization dedicated to preserving the Jewish identity of the state of Israel.

“We hope that our elected representatives wake up and put an end to this farce and preserve the kedusha and sheleimus of the Kosel.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. garbage in and garbage out, shame to even call this man a Rabbi__reform equals NOTHING___shame, shame must be shown, shared so it is not repeated__

  2. “Reform” is not judaism. They may be Jewish but they are not practising judaism. Gilad Kariv is not a rabbi, he is an impostor. They have the same connection to judaism as christianity, in that they both are diluted judaism.

  3. “Deformed” Judiasm is a more fitting name and he is surely a deformed rabbi. They “may” be Jewish but a good part of them are not. So many generations of phony conversions, probably half of them are born from non-Jewish mothers and there are also many momzeirim. Christianity is closer to Judaism then they are, because the christians at least believe in the Revelation at Sinai and the deformed don’t. About the deformed rabbis one could surely say, “GOY gedol atzum v’rav”.

  4. Always Ask Questions: I am hereby moche for the kavod of the great Nadav and Avihu, who were greater than Moshe and Aharon. Shame on you, those who are mevaze talmidei chachamim are called apikorsim. May you be zoche to teshuva sheleima before you find yourself submerged in tzo’ah rosachas in shamayim.

  5. Youshould be ashamed of yourself, you pig.Kemihagan? the ladies have no mihag to lein from a sefer torah!!
    Who do you think you are? You have a special place right by the fire

  6. @always_ask_questions,

    While your horrendous and tragic comparison deserves no response, for the benefit of those who may unfortunately see it, I must make a stand.

    Nadav and Avihu were kodesh kodashim!
    Nothing less than that. Why they died is a very long discussion with many commentaries.

    But even for a simple person, Rashi’s commentary that Moshe told Ahron that Nadav and Avihu were greater than BOTH of them, should make one take a big pause from making grossly uneducated thoughts, or even worse public comments.