TikTok Terror: Indictment Filed Against Arab Who Slapped Yeshivah Bochur On Light Rail


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The Jerusalem District Prosecutor’s Office filed an indictment on Tuesday to the city’s Magistrates Court for Youth against a 17-year-old east Jerusalem resident who uploaded a video of himself to TikTok last month in which he is seen slapping two yeshivah bochurim on the Jerusalem light rail.

The Arab was charged with assault with racist motives and invasion of privacy.

A video of the assault was posted on TikTok, with a caption stating: “You will continue to delete and I will continue to upload. It’s either the Palestinian people or you.”

The clip quickly went viral, drawing angry condemnations from public figures and politicians.

Yehudah Auerbach, the father of the 14-year-old bochur who was slapped, said that his son, who was on his way from his yeshiva to his home in Neve Yaakov, returned home in an agitated state.

“The slap he received was intended for every one of us just for being a Jew,” he told Army Radio. “Today it’s a slap, tomorrow it could be a knife.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)