Out Of Control Fire Rages Near Jerusalem, Residents Evacuated [VIDEOS]


Two wildfires broke out on Wednesday afternoon near the towns of Abu Ghosh and Neve Ilan on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

Israel Fire and Rescue Services struggled to gain control over the fire but after the fire almost reached the homes on the Ma’ale HaHamisha kibbutz, police began evacuating residents. As the fire continued to rage, residents of Ma’ale Hachamisha were evacuated and police are preparing for the possible evacuation of Abu Ghosh.

Eleven fire aircraft and 29 firefighting crews are at the scene trying to quell the fire.

Israel Railways between Jerusalem and Ben-Gurion Airport closed as well as highways and roads in the area, including Route 1, which connects Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Last time Rav Berland was imprisoned on false charges and a coerced ‘plea bargain’ – just so he’d get a chance of getting out of prison at some point, as they were keeping him in jail without a trial – the fires also started up.

    It’s November 2016 all over again, and for the same reason: Hashem is very angry about what is happening to the Tzaddik HaDor.

    Yair Hoffman, I don’t expect you to post this comment up.

    The censorship on this site has gone through the roof.

    But I have to write it anyway.

  2. I am very confused at the first comment.
    It is very obvious that Rabbi Hoffman did not make that comment.
    The headline of the comment is not his real name.
    This is very obvious that this is a fake comment.
    How can you allow a comment with someone else’s name?????