HaRav Shalom Cohen: “Don’t Cooperate With Evil Gov’t Under Any Circumstances”

HaGaon Chacham Shalom Cohen.

HaGaon Chacham Shalom Cohen, the Nasi of the Moetzet Chachmei HaTorah of Shas, has instructed the Shas MKs not to cooperate with the Bennett-Lapid government, even for the purpose of establishing budgets for mosdos chinuch.

“It’s forbidden under any circumstances to cooperate with those destroyers of religion and partners to this evil government,” HaRav Cohen instructed the members of Shas. “Whoever turns to them and receives assistance through them is causing a chillul Hashem and no bracha will rest on him.”

“There’s no need to turn to them,” HaRav Cohen added. “Hakadosh Baruch Hu will make sure that nothing will be lacking.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. May the Chacham have a long life!! I read that his son was badly injured a few weeks ago. Was there any update on his condition?

  2. The new government should respect the Rav’s decision and adopt a symmetric posture. They should NOT cooperate with or assist Shas mosdos in any way and reallocate the funds that might have gone to Shas to those mosdos who will work with the government to achieve improvements in public health, safety and other worthy objectives.

  3. But almost all governments are evil. From the very beginning, that was the reason for having governments. When the Israelis wanted to have a national government, Ha-Shem told Shmuel ha-Navi not to take it personally, since it was Ha-Shem’s governance they were objecting to.

    Refusing to deal with a government just because it is evil isn’t a viable alternative.