Ayman Odeh: “We’ll Topple The Gov’t Before Lapid Is PM”

Joint List Ayman Odeh speaks at a protest against former PM Netanyahu.

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Joint Arab List chairman Ayman Odeh said on Thursday that the new government will collapse before Lapid has the chance to serve as prime minister.

“We’re against Netanyahu’s politics but we also think that Bennett is part of right-wing politics as well as Lieberman and Sa’ar,” Odeh said in an interview with Reshet Bet.

“I don’t think that the government will reach a rotation between Bennett and Lapid,” Odeh asserted. “We’ll topple the government. We want to change the existing situation – we don’t want to exchange Netanyahu for Bennett, Lieberman and Sa’ar.”

On Tuesday, Odeh participated in a protest at Sha’ar Shechem against the Jerusalem Flag March and said that Jerusalem “will be the capital of occupied Palestine.”

“The Palestinian flag will be hoisted on these walls and Jerusalem will be the capital of occupied Palestine,” he said. “Our people will cause them to be ashamed and withdraw from these places.”

Ra’am chairman Mansour Abbas also condemned the Flag March, calling it an “unbridled provocation.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Odeh As your name says, “I shall give thanks” iin fact abundant thanks for your toppling wicked lieberman & wicked bennett & wicked lapid, and cannot come soon enough.
    Put back netanyohu & the religious parties, and yes I am going to add:- You satmars & peleg:- Get out & vote next time, so that this crisis “jew hating” government never happens again.

  2. Of course they will. No normal person believes this ridiculous government will last long enough for the rotation to take effect. It’s not intended to. If no crisis topples it earlier, Bennett will arrange one.

    Here’s the point: This government only has to last until the Likud dumps Netanyahu and elects a new leader. That leader can reunite the right, bring Saar and his supporters back into the fold, and form a government with a solid right-wing majority. Any legislation entrenching the rotation agreement can be repealed.