NEW PROTOCOL: Israel Police Permitted To Begin Using Clubs During Riots and Violent Protests


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As a result of the recent violent riots in mixed cities in Israel, the Israeli police have changed their protocols and will now be allowed to use batons or clubs when dealing with a rioting or violent crowd.

The use of batons will now be allowed for riots considered to be “level two” riots. Up until now, police were only allowed to use batons for riots considered to be level four.

Level two is the first time during a riot that police are allowed to use force. The use of force is allowed only after the field officer has given the command to permit it.

According to a statement made by Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai, all police units in Jerusalem and the surrounding area will undergo specialized training with regard to the proper use of batons.

Already today, police officers used their batons at a protest that took place on Malchei Yisrael Street.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I hate bennett, laipd, lieberman, but notwithstanding I have NO sympathy for your salacious peleg blocking streets, when innocent people have to go about their business & appointments, so behave yourselves, or too bad for you pelegs being batonned & clubbed.

  2. Better late than never. Hopefully, the Peleg yungerleit and their leadership will think twice before inviting the security forces to slam them with their batons. The good ole days of the police showing restraint under Netanyahu are over and they will now be able to use force to defend themselves from attack and restore some order to the streets.