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Obama Promises To ‘Smooth Out’ Health Care

healPresident Barack Obama is expressing sympathy for Americans who are getting kicked off their health insurance plans, but says they were often getting “a very bad deal.”

Obama says his health care plan is making the insurance market better for everyone, even though millions of Americans who buy individual plans have been receiving cancellation notices.

Obama told about 200 of his campaign supporters and health care activists Monday that he knows cancellation notices “can be scary for people.” But he says virtually every insurer is offering newer, better plans.

He acknowledged that technical problems with the health care website to shop for insurance are making it tougher for people to find other plans. He says he’s “not happy about it,” but promised, quote, “We’re going to smooth this thing out.”


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  1. Mr President, we are sick and tired of anything you have to say or any of your false sympathy. You lied to your face off to all of us for THREE YEARS when you repeated over and over that we can keep our policies if we liked them, you said we keep our doctors if we liked them, but that was a bunch of bull manure AND YOU KNEW IT!!!!!!

    You are not our father and you are NOT our mother. Who the heck died and let you in charge to decide what insurance is good for us and what is not? That’s OUR decision. That’s part of my freedom to choose. GET OUT OF OUR LIVES AND STAY OUT.

    You are nothing more than a disgrace to your office. If you announced immediate resignation there would be an immediate holiday proclaimed in the United States.

  2. For the record, Obama’s Law has a clause that removes the group status of many previousy legal insurance groups. My wife and I belonged to such a group. We received a letter from Blue Cross in September informing is that our policy which we have had for at least six years will be terminated upon expiration at the ends of March. We LIKED our plan because ure served us well. This chaleria and his group of socialist liberal democreep coconspiritor traitors are responsible for this.

    If you still have any insurance thru your employer just wait because your cancellations are coming soon enough.

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