PURE HATRED: “We Don’t Want Chareidim Here! All You Are Is Garbage”


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Chareidi businessmen seeking to buy property in northern Israel were verbally assaulted by a local resident, who screamed and cursed at them, saying: “We don’t want Chareidim here.”

The two businessmen, accompanied by realtors, were in Bustan HaGalik, a moshav near Akko, on Tuesday when one of the residents of the moshav approached them and began screeching: “Get out of here, I’m going to devour you.”

When one of the realtors asked him why he was so angry, he responded: “We don’t want Chareidim…we don’t want you here, take these pieces of trash home with you.”

He continued to shout: “Did they bear arms? Did they protect us from the Arabs? What are they? Only garbage. Only to give them money. Get out of here!”

He then turned to the Chareidim directly and cursed them with words that can’t be repeated here. He also threatened the person videoing his outburst, saying: “Soon I’ll grab your phone – you idiot.”

The video of the incident quickly spread on social media and aroused much furor.

“This disgusting man should be embarrassed to leave his home,” said Religious Zionism chairman Betzalel Smotrich. “The truth is that he should go to jail for violence and anti-Semitism. But since there’s no hope that our police and justice system will take care of it, spread the video and shame him everywhere so he’ll be embarrassed to leave his home for years.”

Otzma Yehudit chairman Itamar Ben-Gvir called on the police to open an investigation into the incident on charges of racism and threats of violence.

A report later on Wednesday said that the police did open an investigation into the incident as soon as they saw the video and have detained the bully for questioning.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Pretty aggressive guy. But listen closely to what he’s saying. Maybe we should listen and try to understand what he’s feeling. Many Israelis feel this way…

  2. this is a result of politicians ganging up against charreidim. look who is sticking up for the charradi, smotrich, ben-gvir. none of the yamina, yisrael beiteinu, meretz, avodah, yesh atid, or tikvah chadash mk’s are gonna say a word.
    maybe raam will get upset that he said you dont protect us from arabs but thats it!

  3. @ Tlaibia Umar
    With your attitude, when an anti-Semite yells dirty Jew, you would feel that probably you need a shower and you deserved for him to attack you that way. No! He’s an anti-Semite. Deserves no justification. And please have the self respect not to believe that your baseless hater and unprovoked attacker is in any way right.

  4. nervous uneducated man + media that instigates against chareidim, + yeshiva world’s constant pursuit of advertisers’ dollars = this rare idiotic story of a man with a golus mind.. yawn .. next

  5. this is typical Israel. this man is worse then a nazi. Its better to stay utside Israel,where the goyim
    are better then this yimach schemom Yehudi that has no manners an is a very grober mensch.
    Did he once in his life give tzedakah to any organisation even not religious one. This is the so called Jewish Land?

  6. Yabia Omer I live in Israel for close to 30 years.
    All that he spewed forth was what he hears from the secular anti-chareidi media.
    There is no truth in what he is saying and assuming that you are chareidi yourself, we all know that only Torah learning protects the country from the arabs not the tanks and the soldiers. אם השם לא ישמור עיר שוא שקד שומר.
    This hatred is the erev rav! They would hug an arab if he came to live there but would kill a chreidi!

  7. We need to educate the secular that charadim give to Hatzolo Zaka Yad Eliezer not 2 years service but in many cases a life time of service
    This hate is a worse threat to us than any terror group

  8. Yabia Omer, they feel this way because they watch/read the secular anti religious Israeli media which feeds them this propaganda. Sheldon Eidelson did listen closely to what he is saying, so he released his own free newspaper to counteract the media. Unfortunately, the ones who are already brainwashed won’t touch it.

  9. there are way too many liberal lunatics out there in Israel. The Times of Israel, the Jerusalem post, Ha’aretz, Ynet, and many more anti religious and pro Arab newspapers give vent to the idea that charadim are as the man described.

    It is unfortunate that Israel seems to have adopted decadent American values instead of spreading our Torah based Jewish values.

  10. The standard Israeli stupidity, you are not a human if you aren’t in the army. That’s the measure of a man to these nuts.

  11. Sorry, I don’t buy the excuses served up by the previous commenters. This hateful person is not aggressive and is not unstable. He was stating his religious beliefs, which include a State without chareidim and is simply expressing out loud what the majority of left-wing secularists think inside. I’ll summarize his religion: we the secularists built the State and therefore we own it. We want to get rid of any traditional references to Judaism, and when we achieve the political power to do that, we will do it. In the meantime, we are losing the battle, and so occasionally, I lose my temper.

  12. Yabia Omer – you sound suspiciously sympathetic. “Try to understand what he’s feeling”? To what end? Love him as a Yid, of course. But what he’s saying is pure baseless sinah. What is your point?

  13. @Yabia Omer
    We can listen all we want. But as long as we are doing the right thing according to our Rabbonim we don’t need to change a thing. Even if you personally feel like chareidim should go to the army (I don’t know you so I’m not familiar with your beliefs). And if he, along with many Israelis, have a lot of hatred towards us that’s largely due to incitement on the part of the secular media. Any other hatred stemming from us not doing what they believe is right is not our problem.

  14. @ Tlaibia Omar
    With your attitude, when an anti-Semite yells dirty Jew, you would feel that probably you need a shower and you deserved for him to attack you that way. No! He’s an anti-Semite. Deserves no justification. And please have the self respect not to believe that your baseless hater and unprovoked attacker is in any way right.

  15. Smotrich is right. This is anti-semitism.
    For a Zionist/Jew? to call a Jew a piece of garbage because he insists on being Jewish and not serving in the Zionist army, is disgusting.

    If the Ben and Jerry’s story bothers you more than this attack by a Zionist on a Jew, then you might want to reexamine your definition of Judaism and anti-semitism.

  16. Yabia Omer:
    You do realize that your assertion is a very telling comment on how pathetic is Zionism, right?

    Nobody asked the Zionists to invade the holy land a century ago and to inflame the area. Jews were living and coexisting fine with the Arabs in the holy land and asked the Zionists to stop invading.

    Now that the Zionists need an army to keep their shmad state going, the least the Zionists can do is leave alone the Chareidim and let them continue to be authentic Jews.

    The reason the Zionists won’t do that, is that the Zionists know that Zionism is a fake replacement for Judaism. So that’s likely why this man hates chareidim so much. Because they remind him that his whole life (i.e. his Zionism) is all a mirage and fake.

  17. Zionism and Jewdism are one and the same
    Some call it yishuv ha eretz and some call it the state
    Some visit the ayatollah and some hate charaidim
    Without achdus we have terrorism
    With achdus we will have Moshach

  18. Jews were living and coexisting fine with the Arabs in the holy land

    No, they were not. Arabs have always hated and oppressed Jews, and the late 19th century in EY was no exception.

  19. When “Yabia Omer” says you should listen to what he is saying, he does not expect you to go and serve in the Army etc. He wants you to hear that this angry beast has build his anger on something that cant be waived with nothing, you need to give him an answer (not him privately) why you don’t need to send out your children on the betel field, obviously there are explanations but you cant expect every Chilony to know this and for sure not when the media is pumping against us, the way to fight this is with the correct PR from our side to explain our standing, not with tosh HaKatan wrote.