MK Maklev Warns Against More Assimilation Due to Adoption Law


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makMK Rabbi Uri Maklev used the Knesset podium to warn against increased assimilation chas v’sholom as a result of a new adoption bill that would permit parents adopting a child of a different religion. Today’s law compels a situation that the parents-to-be are of the same faith as the child, although this is not necessarily enforced as it should be. For example, a couple wishing to convert will only receive approval if and when it can prove it plans to keep Shabbos, kashrus and send children to religious schools. However, the bill seeks to grant the secular courts the authority to permit a non-religious couple to adopt a child who is a convert.

Maklev warned fellow lawmakers from the podium that the bill impairs the laws of Israel’s identity, neutralizing those laws and the bill will lead to increased assimilation for a child who is not a Jew can be raised Jewish in a Jewish home or a non-Jewish family can adopt a Jewish child and raise him as a non-Jew.

Maklev warns that the bill backed by the government “undermines the foundation of the Jewish People and Jewish identity and is a violation of the Basic Law”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. However Eretz Yisrael is a democracy, and in the last election, Israeli voters voted overwhelmingly (by a 6-1 ratio) against the idea of Israel being a “Jewish” (as we define it, based on Torah principles) state. The policy is to assimilate the Israeli Jewish population into a secular Israeli one in which Judaism is defined independent of Torah. That is, was, and will be the goal of zionism,