Israel Confirms Highest Daily Case No. Since COVID Began, Over 7,000 Deaths

COVID ward at Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon (Photo: AP)

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Israel’s Health Ministry confirmed 10,900 new coronavirus cases on Monday, the highest number of daily cases since the start of the pandemic. The last time Israel recorded over 10,000 daily cases was on January 18, during the deadly third wave.

There are currently 83,542 active coronavirus cases in Israel, with 1,122 hospitalized patients, of whom 719 are seriously ill and 172 are ventilated.

Over 500 Israelis have passed away due to COVID in August, raising the death toll to 7,043.

Prof. Nachman Ash slammed Israel’s coronavirus cabinet earlier this week, telling Ynet that government officials have ignored the ministry’s multiple recommendations to limit gatherings due to “other considerations.”

“The Health Ministry has called to restrict large gatherings – such as huge concerts…but this recommendation was not accepted,” he said.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. When will the government realize they are not helping? Nothing has worked and therefore they have to stop forcing the country to obey their useless edicts.
    Obviously the vaccine program was a complete failure- in fact it seems to have caused the opposite effect. Israel’s rates are rising faster than less vaccinated countries.
    And lockdowns as well have proven to do nothing permanent except put people into poverty and destroy the country . It’s time to give up on this nonsense and focus on therapeutic drugs as well as preventative measures like promoting wellness.

  2. These high numbers are entirely Bennett’s fault, and why he must be impeached immediately.
    Clearly closing borders & banishing all חוצניקים from ever setting foot in Israel ever again, has come to haunt & in no way shall ever solves their Corona problems.
    The quicker Israel opens its border to authentic the quicker shall Israel experience סייתא דשמיא in seeing Corona #’s decrease & diminish.