Man Attacks MK Porush With Scissors, Tries To Cut His Beard

UTJ MK Meir Porush

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A man with a Chareidi appearance assaulted UTJ MK Meir Porush outside his home on Monday morning.

When Porush left his home, the man began yelling insults at him and physically attacked him with scissors. Fortunately, Porush successfully fended him off and was not seriously harmed. The perpetrator fled the scene on an electric scooter.

The police believe that the perpetrator intended to cut Porush’s beard but when he pushed him away, he attacked him with the scissors instead.

Police investigators came to Porush’s home to record his testimony and collect evidence from the security cameras near his home.

“I have no idea why he tried to attack me,” Porush told Channel 12 News. “I’m fine Baruch Hashem. He tried to attack me with scissors. I screamed and pushed him and he ran away. The Knesset officer was the one who called the police.”

“The police received a report about an attack on a public official near his home in Jerusalem,” Israel Police stated. “Two suspects attacked the public official and fled the scene. He did not require medical treatment.”

“Police forces are currently carrying out a search for the suspects and an investigation has been opened.”

“I was utterly shocked to hear about the ugly and violent attack on MK Porush,”  Knesset Speaker MK Mickey Levy said. “I spoke with MK Porush and asked about his welfare and the details of the incident. Afterward, I spoke with the Jerusalem District Police Commander about ways to find the perpetrator and thanked him for his determination and the severity with which the police view the attack. Attacking public officials is a destructive act toward democracy and must be treated as such.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The Israeli media are reporting there were two Chareidim involved in the attack on Porush. Sadly, this disgusting incident is reminiscent of the worst days of the Nazis, Y’S. No one seems to have any idea what Porush might have done (or not done) to trigger this attack, but it seems to be just another reflection of the growing trend in society that legitimizes violence as a means of expressing religious or political disagreement.

  2. For many decades, the mainstream charedi tzibbur, including its rabbis and askanim, did absolutely nothing to stop the violent actions of these people as the violence was aimed at the non-charedi public. ‘Not our problem’ was the general attitude (with a pinch of ‘good for them’ thrown in occasionally for bad measure). Now that we are seeing these thugs turn some of their violence inwards perhaps the mainstream charedi tzibbur will finally begin to take action against them. Better late than never.