Watch: Arab “Security Guards” Violently Attack Israel Police In Kafr Qasim


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Israel Police over the weekend arrested four suspects in Kfar Qasam for violently assaulting police officers overnight Thursday at the town municipality.

Police encountered Arab security guards when they arrived at the Kafr Qasam municipality building to carry out a search overnight Thursday due to a report of a violent incident within the building. When the security guards prevented the police officers from entering the building, one of the officers used a taser against the Arab blocking the door to the building, and in response, the Arabs began pummeling, choking, and kicking the police officers.

The security guards who attacked the police officers are members of Kafr Qasam’s internal security group Al-Hirasa, under the auspices of the Islamic Movement. According to a Walla report, some members of Al-Hirasa are former criminals.

Two police officers and a police volunteer were injured and required medical treatment.

Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai said: “We won’t let this incident pass quietly. We won’t accept a situation in which police officers are injured while carrying out their duties.”

The incident occurred as Israel attempts to crack down on the soaring rate of murders and violent crime in Arab communities. A 40-year-old Arab shot dead on Friday night in Haifa was the 95th fatality of murderous violence in Arab society this year.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. It’s hard to feel badly for the police officers. This is precisely how they treat Chareidim – whether or not the Chareidim were rowdy. They use physical force indiscriminately unto Chareidim. So they’re tasting their own medicine.
    Remember the face of that Down Syndrome bachur; it looked just as beaten as this “arab” police officer.

  2. i have to issues with this.
    1) why is the 3rd officer taking a video on his phone?
    2) why didn’t the draw a weapon or something like that they kept on hitting eachother

  3. The Islamic militia in Kfar called Al Hirassa. Some pointed out the double standard, the preferential treatment to Arabs over Jews.

    (A pattern, a reality, vs apartheid slur lie).


    Guy Baruch (@Guy_Baruch) Tweeted (Oct 2, 202)
    Remember that about a year ago, Avigdor Lieberman called for the closure of B.B. until the police attackers were found?
    It is interesting that today he did not call for the closure of Kafr Qassem until the attackers of the police were found there.
    Abbas apparently does not allow.


    יאיר לוי @iairLevy:

    כששוטרים הותקפו על ידי מספר נערים חרדים, המשטרה נכנסה בכוחות ענק לבני ברק, באישון לילה, השלכו עשרות רימוני הלם והיכו באלות כל עובר ושב. אך כשהערבים עשו לינץ’ בשוטרים, שתיקה מוחלטת, בכדי לא להרגיז את תומכי המחבלים מרע”מ.

    Yair Levy (@iairLevy) Tweeted (Oct 2, 2021)
    When police officers were attacked by a number of ultra-Orthodox boys, the police entered B.B. with huge forces, in the dead of night, threw dozens of stun grenades and beat the batons of every passer-by.
    But when the Arabs lynched the police, complete silence, so as not to upset the terrorists’ supporters from the RAAM.


    לירן תמרי | Liran Tamari @liran__tamari

    כך נראו הרחובות בבני ברק כאשר שני שוטרים הותקפו לפני כשנה. למה לא רואים את אותן התמונות הערב בכפר קאסם??

    Liran Tamari (@liran__tamari) Tweeted (Oct 2, 2021):
    This is what the streets in B.B. looked like when two policemen were attacked about a year ago. Why not see the same pictures tonight in Kafr Qassem ??

  4. Yaapchik- it’s hard to feel badly for the fact that your so misguided

    Cue the singing and jumping up and down while hurling nazi epithets

    Please go back to the kool aid station and continue to be brainwashed about how terrible Israeli police are for not allowing very ignorant people to continue to defy civil norms of their society

  5. @hymish
    While police shouldnt be attacked, and surely we should go after terrorist and make them accountable, I find your comment regarding yaapchick to be exactly what you accuse him of. Brainwashed and misguided.

    Have you ever been witness to the police treatment of chareidim at these protests? I have.
    In fact I have been witness to the police treatment of chareidim even at LACK of any protest.

    And for those who get so offended about accusations of “nazi” by the chareidim.
    DO you know that there were zionists who pulled out chareidims beards with their bare hands? Humiliated and harmed them?
    Did you know that there were some zionists who apparently DID collaborate with nazis? ( go read perfidy by ben hecht as an example.)
    So curb your indignation. Maybe if you grew up with that in your consciousness you would understand the distrust that is playing out here.

  6. Hymish stop being so Behymish you self hating jew . Say it for what it is the Israeli coos enjoy fighting with tge Chareidim because they enjoy fighting with defenseless people . BUT AN arob or thugs in Tel aviv they are chicken to fight back . A bunch of cowards and so are you

  7. obviously you have no idea what you are talking about!! I currently live in Israel near all the action. so lets make sure everyone understands what is going on.
    every country has laws’, if you don’t follow the law your committing a crime. There is no difference whether you are white, black, Latino, Jewish, or whatever else people are these days. if there is city construction going on and you assault the workers, destroy equipment, destroy city property… then that is called assault, or destruction of city property… so if police get involved to protect the site, protect the workers, protect city property, people that don’t have jobs and are bored go out to yell, and fight. those people are committing a crimes, and can get arrested, and can get hurt while police do they’re jobs.
    Lets be honest, if the kushies where doing the same thing #BLM you would say “yeh serves them right, who in the right mind hits a cop, destroys construction equipment, or destroys construction fencing…”
    So look at it like a real man, no bias views, no saying hes Jewish you cant do that