“Sedom & Amorah:” UTJ MK Eichler Excoriates The British Courts Over Murder of Alta Fixsler A”H

The last moments of Alta's life.

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The levaya of Alta Fixsler, a’h, who was disconnected from life support on Monday, took place on Monday night by the Belzer Beis Medrash in Manchester and her body was flown to Israel on Tuesday for burial.

A minyan of relatives and close friends gathered at the hospital and recited Kriyas Shema as Alta was killed by the medical staff. Singer Sheyela Gluck sang songs of chizzuk.

“The modern world is returning to the culture of Sedom and Amorah,” UTJ MK Yisrael Eichler said in response to the news of Alta’s murder. “For months, the family called for help against the British courts which have turned into Sedom and Amorah, as well as the state of Israel, which has abandoned its citizens. We tried to appeal to presidents, ministers, lawmakers and anyone with a human heart, but no one succeeded in withstanding the legal power of the ‘religion of compassion.'”

“The forced killing of an ill Jewish baby in the UK renders the world of medicine and health as murderous and dangerous for the sick, elderly and weak,” Eichler asserted. “The world turns into a cruel forest of wild animals in which the strong kill the weak – everything in the name of ‘natural selection’ that transforms people into wild animals.”

“The ruling of a British court to kill a child out of ‘compassion’ creates an opening to hell for all terminally ill patients, the poor, and anyone who doesn’t have power or money to protect themselves from the ‘merciful’ murderers.”

“Anyone who has a compassionate heart weeps tonight together with the bereaved family.”

As a Belzer chassid, Eichler belongs to the same chassidus as the Fixslers.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. “As a Belzer chassid, Eichler belongs to the same chassidus as the Fixslers.”

    Really, it doesn’t matter which chassidus they are a part of because we are all united with the Fixslers, kol yisreal areivem zeh lzeh.

  2. This is sad, but Eichler’s statement would have more credibility if it didn’t wildly exaggerate so much. Letting someone die is not murder. Basic Hilchos Retzeicha.

  3. “Lo Torah Velo Daas” and the Farshlofene alleged doctor, you are both burim and amhoratzim. It is absolutely murder. There is no possible heter in the world for it. When Moshiach comes and the Torah is sovereign in the world, the judges who ordered this murder will be executed.

    And the commenter without saychel: Why on earth should meshulochim not come to a country just because it’s wicked and depraved? They are not coming to the goyishe rotzchim and gangsters who run those countries; they’re coming to the yidden who live there, as yidden have lived under every horrible regime in the world.

  4. To: rofehardamah.
    Her life support was disconnected so she was killed & not “allowed” to die as you stated. Stop posting misleading information.

    It’s insane that a so called “democratic” country like Britain can hold a child prisoner against her parents wishes. If they wanted to safely take her out of there, how can the British Justice system kidnap and kill this child. Any country would be happy to let her leave as her problem would be out if their hands.
    By killing Alta Fixler, the British evil, dictatorial and repressive actions of Britain will be their stain worldwide, for a 100 years. Britain, you are horrendous.

  5. May the judge who judged and approved his murder bury all his children and then die a horrible death. Furthermore, the doctors and nurses who complied and didn’t protest should also be considered murderers and Heaven should judge them all with a just and horrible punishment.

  6. No one can claim this is murder if they can not define what murder is.
    Then there is this particular case, which no one here knows enough about to label it as murder or not.

  7. No, of course the Queen wasn’t consulted. Why would she be? And what could she have done, even if she’d known? She is subject to the law just like everyone else. The courts said the law was that the baby must die, so there was nothing anyone else could do.