Bennett’s Budget: NIS 30 Billion To Arabs, 40 Million To Reform, 6 Million To Cats

Photo: Yishai Yerushalmi

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The budget plan formulated by the Bennett-Lapid-Lieberman government includes NIS 30 billion for Arabs, NIS 40 million for Reform organizations, and NIS six million for street cats.

UTJ MK Uri Maklev slammed the government for granting a huge amount of funding to the Reform movement – a first for an Israeli government – to continue its destructive work against the continued existence of the Jewish people. Additionally, as Maklev pointed out in a speech to the Knesset, this huge sum of money was granted without any oversight, to a new organization for “innovative Judaism,” which no one even knows what it does and whom it serves.

“What we do know is that their entire ratzon is against the pure chinuch of the children of Israel, to harm yichus and deepen assimilation – this is what the government allocates NIS 40 million for!” Maklev said. “The Reform sector doesn’t survive – the second and third generation are already not Jewish due to assimilation.”

“It’s a small organization that received far more than its share of the population. According to percentages, if they received NIS 40 million, then the Chareidi sector should have received NIS 40 billion.”

UTJ MK Moshe Gafni said: “When we asked for NIS 2 million, you called us extortionists. And suddenly you transfer NIS 40 million to a Reform group – that adds up to a million shekel for each Reform person!”

Gafni also slammed the government for allocating money for cats to fulfill the demand of the Labor party. “You’re hypocrites! Why did you attack us when we took care of our ideological needs? Only you’re allowed to take care of streets cats? Why don’t you take care of the Chareidi children? At least worry about them as much as cats.”

Noam chairman MK Avi Maoz said: “A government of cats – there’s no budget for soldiers, for needy families, but there’s money for cats. How can it be that you raise taxes and cut funds to weaker sectors including subsidies for daycare but you have money for cats.”

UTJ MK Meir Porush called out the government’s MKs for their hypocrisy in granting a huge amount of money to Arabs – a sector that doesn’t serve in the army, when the very same MKs fiercely protested granting funds to Chareidim during previous governments because they don’t serve in the army.

“What did Lapid yell about for years?” Porush said. “How did he incite the general public against the Chareidi public? ‘We don’t want you to live off us, go work, go to the army, why do you behave like parasites, why do you take money from the state? Why does Netanyahu give you money?’”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)



  1. See Below.
    “Two Men From Bnei Brak Arrested, Suspected of Running Large-Scale Illegal Online Crime Organization” –
    -Your own story on crime and money laundering in a strictly chareidi area.
    This is not an isolated incident. The news is full of terrible stories about chareidim and I don’t need to elaborate. Are we all like this? Obviously not. That doesn’t take away the perception that we’re not contributing anything positive to society.The narrative that began long ago with our boys’ deferments from national service is reinforced when visibly chareidi men block traffic and yell Natzim at police officers.
    You’re upset with the budget? We’ve brought it on ourselves after years of sitting in the government and acting as if we’re entitled to live off public tax dollars. There are many honest chareidim who give of themselves but unfortunately they’re not the ones in the public eye.

  2. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to comprehend that Bennett shall have to come back to this world as a גילגול, in the format of a cat, so he is frantic to ease his next stay in this world

  3. Golfer, the media will look for anything bad to say about chareidim. And thats why these stories are reported, even if they’re not true! Amongst the secular there are many more stories to report, but no one’s interested. So its not worth mentioning. There are so many beautiful stories about chareidim, their chesed, their pure chinuch, the beauty of Shabbos in the frum areas, etc. etc. But never reported. You can’t trust any reports anyway. Proof : a few days ago there was a report on this site about an accident. A girl hit by a bus, in serious condition. The same report on another site claimed she was uninjured, without a scratch! So can you believe the news? Definitely not!

  4. Golfer

    You are blaming the Victim again????

    Anyone with an ounce of integrity can see it for what it really is HATE! Hate! Hate!

    The chareidi society contributes far more to this country than all the other sectors. First the fact that they keep the torah is the greatest contribution! If you don’t believe that, then you need a rebbe! besides the army (run by atheists and lefty folks who are evil), which no yiddish kid should be subject to, the chareidi sector contributes a lot in taxes and in other ways…

    They HATE the chareidim and Hashem, so they market the chareidim as parasites, creating sinas chinom against the chareidim by the masses. There is VERY LITTLE THE CHAREIDIM CAN DO TO CHANGE THAT!

    Hashem is showing their TRUE colors, they are throwing money at the ARABS, Reform movement, cats, all of which contribute VERY LITTLE TO ISRAEL, yet NO ONE besides the chareidim call them out on it.

    Please don’t post non sense, stop blaming the chareidim!!!! No person with an ounce of integrity will judge an entire community just because a few, unless YOU WERE BRAIN WASHED TO HATE THEM!

  5. While this is unfortunate, I am not sure what haver hakneset is saying about 2 mln for haredim. I believe just the yeshivas budget is 1.3 bln nis

  6. golfer, the secular commit far, far more crimes than a few Chareidi individuals. But you ignore that. And why should frum Jews enlist in the IDF whith all the shmutzh there is there? And now added to the budget is another $40 million for the Reform movement that will without a doubt penetrate the army as well and you think Chareidim will enlist? There priorities are not as screwed up as yours.

  7. I think there is some confusion as to where the 6 million NIS is going. There are a large number of people in Israel today with the last name Katz. Some are cohanim but not all. Maybe it meant to say 6 million NIS to the Katz family?

  8. I think Bennet is doing a great job. He is Building Back Better. I am conflicted on whether to vote for AOC, Bernie Sanders, or Ben and/or Jerry as next prime minister of Israel.

  9. Its important to remember that an ostensibly frum person that commits crimes such as online scams (assuming he’s guilty al pe din Torah) has become a chiloni who continues to dress as a Charedi. If the community to which he “belongs” would be aware of what he was doing, he would have been long ago expelled from the community. So, in effect someone who is guilty of committing such misdeeds, is by definition not Chareidi. Of course, for the haters, this distinction is irrelevant.

  10. I’m not blaming the victims, and don’t kid yourself- we’re not “victims”.
    If you read secular Israeli media you’ll see it’s full of stories of murders, assaults, unspeakable crimes perpetrated but unobservant/ secular Jews in Israel. They don’t only report the crimes we commit, far from it. What we need to realize is that when people who live among us and dress like us commit crimes they cause all of us to be painted with the same broad brush.
    Are you any different? I don’t know where you are but many of us in certain countries look at certain people with a certain appearance as if they’re all lowlifes and criminals, just because we see others who look the same in the news.
    There’s a reason there’s prejudice against chareidim and all I’m saying is- some of it is our own fault. Instead of spewing venom and screaming Natzim at our own unobservant brothers and sisters, the time might be better spent doing a little self reflection. The chavrei knesset who represent us would do well to see if they might be able to present themselves, and by extension all of us, in a more positive light, instead of yelling and screaming and not showing their more civilized side.

  11. So much for the so-called “Jewish” state.

    “We don’t want you to live off us, go work, go to the army, why do you behave like parasites, why do you take money from the state.”

    After all, the street cats go to work and serve in the army; correct? They’re very productive to Israeli society.

    The Reform organizations destroy Jewish souls by teaching them to violate the Torah, and they tell non-Jews that they’re considered Jews if their father is a Jew, even if their mother is a non-Jew. Their “Rabbis” conduct intermarriages and Toeivah marriages.

    There’s money for Arab citizens, but not Chareidi Jewish citizens. Arab citizens are not conscripted into the IDF.

  12. golfer:

    You are absolutely blaming the victim – you profile as a self-hating Chareidi.

    Tell me one thing – in which sector do you think is mor ecrime, Chareidi or Arab?