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“We Don’t Want Lev Tahor Here,” Iraqi Official Says

Over 70 Lev Tahor members have been held in a building near Istanbul Airport in Turkey since Tuesday morning, where they were forced to fly by Iraqi officials from Erbil Airport in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, B’Chadrei Chareidim reported.

ֶThe Lev Tahor group had managed to successfully leave Guatemala and reach Iraq in an attempt to eventually enter Iran but were detained by Iraqi officials and forced to leave the country.

An Iraqi official told B’Chadrei: “We don’t want [Lev Tahor] here. They already caused trouble in Guatemala, Canada, the US and Mexico and there are unpleasant stories about them. We’re not looking for people like that, we know they’ll cause trouble here also. We’ll do everything we can to prevent them from returning here.”

Meanwhile, US, Israeli and Guatemalan officials have been in touch with Turkish and Iraqi authorities in order to ensure that they don’t grant entry permits to the Lev Tahor members. The cult members may soon have no choice but to enter Israel.

B’Chadrei also spoke with a member of the Jewish community in Turkey who said that “the faster Lev Tahor leaves the country the better.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. the same way they forced them on to a plane and landed in turkey , they can do the same and drop them in isreal its better for them as well as most are originally isreali

  2. Every Person who’s supporting or fundraising for this cult will not have a Olam Habah they have lot of money and uses it just for bad bad things
    What’s going on with the American communities ? Why still giving tzdaka for this monsters ? Poor children’s growing up with pain and wrong mentality

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