MORE HATE IN THE SKIES: Soccer Fans Direct Anti-Semitic Chant At Chasidish Man [VIDEO]


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A chasidish man was the target of shocking anti-Semitic harassment on a recent flight, when fans from a particular soccer team in the United Kingdom began singing a song that is widely considered anti-Semitic.

The incident, captured on camera, shows West Ham United F.C. soccer fans on a flight from the United Kingdom to Belgium singing a vile song that includes the phrase “I’ve got foreskin, how about you?” – a clearly anti-Semitic message that is often directed at fans of the UK’s Tottenham soccer team, which is widely popular among Orthodox Jews – as a chasidish man dressed in the full levush moves down the aisle to his seat.

The brazen anti-Semitism on display has shocked the Jewish communities in the UK and Belgium, who have condemned the incident. The West Ham soccer club has condemned the incident, saying it was “appalled” by the fans’ behavior.

Ian Austin, a former Labor Parliamentarian, tweeted, “Disgusting. That’s not an ‘anti-Tottenham song’, it’s antisemitic. The poor guy. It’s racist abuse. Why weren’t they kicked off the flight?”

He then writes that he will be speaking to West Ham’s Vice President Karren Brady regarding the incident.

The United Kingdom – and Europe as a whole – has seen anti-Semitic incidents rising with troubling frequency in recent years, with some European rabbis even comparing the current climate in Europe to that which existed just prior to the Holocaust.

{YWN World Headquarters – NYC}


  1. As someone pointed out on another site, these singers are not wearing masks (the Jew is wearing a mask) – and it is not like they are eating. I remember Jews being kicked off flights for allegedly not wearing a mask (in fact, even for just a 2-year old not wearing a mask).

  2. Why weren’t these vile creatures kicked off the plane just for violating the mask mandates? I mean, isn’t Covid more dangerous than any harmless anti-Semitic chant? I remember reading about a nice couple with a disabled child was forcibly kicked off the plane for removing their masks to eat.

  3. No, thank G-D, i do not have forskin, because i was chosen by the creator as part of his holy nation. this is our covanant with him, so that he should keep that which he swore to our ancestors.

  4. He then writes that he will be speaking to West Ham’s Vice President Karren Brady regarding the incident. Problem is that vice president shall simply say that he has no control over fans who are not employees of his football team.

  5. He probably realized that they were insulting and attempting to humiliate him. However, I doubt that he understood what that particular insult meant. I don’t know of a single chassidish man who knows what the English word “foreskin” means (especially in this context). Plus, if he’s headed for Antwerp, he may be European or even Israeli and therefore not even English speaking (other than marginally).

  6. Why does this surprise anyone? They are from the same country of Sedom (UK) that just murdered Alta Fixsler! Wicked evil country produces cesspool creatures like these soccer players.

  7. In my opinion , this is much to do about nothing. A few roudy soccer fans singing a song about foreskin does not seem viciously antisemitic. In addition, they didn’t seem to be in the chassidish man’s face. Most of them were not even looking at him. There was no violence or a direct confrontation so I think we just have to relax and focus on anti-semitic incidents that actually cause harm.

  8. To continue my earlier comments:
    To any believing Jew (and even most Muslims, for that matter), this vulgar taunt isn’t much of an insult. This is something that we choose to do to our sons with great fanfare and ceremony, as per our covenant with Hashem. So, actually, we’re not at all insulted by it!

  9. While I was outraged at first…
    I actually here the point made by @jbs36
    They are being “cheeky” and its a stupid chant, they dont necessarily wish him harm or grievance.

  10. To those who minimize this and state it’s just a harmless taunt: YOU ARE WRONG.
    They were targeting this man. Watch the video. You will see someone on the right smiling as the man walks by.
    It is not harmless. This was meant to ridicule him in public. Does that seem harmless to you!?!
    The fact that the airline did nothing says A LOT. They should be held accountable.

  11. Can u imagine if they would sing a racist song in the face of a “person of color”? The victim would probably bring down the plane in an instant, kill all passengers in a crash, and still be condoned as innocent.

  12. jbs36, you don’t understand when people are being anti-Semitic in your face. Good for you, it probably makes your life easier that you are so naive …

  13. There’s nothing to celebrate in the fact that the UK has now become the kind of dictatorship where you can be arrested for singing a song. Just like the USSR.