What Did The Nazi Write To His Jewish Classmate From 1934?

Boaz Haetzni Facebook page

Elyakim Haetzni, a 95-year-old resident of Kiryat Arba, received a letter on Monday from Friedrich, who was his classmate in 1934 in Kiel, Germany.

Friedrich now lives in the United States but his heart and mind is apparently still in Nazi Germany, as evident from his letter.

Elyakim’s son, Boaz Haetzni, wrote about the incident on Facebook: “It’s always nice to get regards from a classmate, especially from 1934. My father, Elyakim Haetzni – whose name in German is Georg – received a letter today. The following is a translation of the letter:

“‘Georg, I’m very pleased that you’re still alive after 95 years. Wonderful. Sieg Heil (a victory salute used originally by Nazis at political rallies) from [the city of] Kiel.'”

“And written on the other side: ‘Hebron is Palestine. Juden Reuss (Jews out). Signed Friedrich.‘”

“According to the stamps on the letter, the elderly Nazi Friedrich lives in the United States and it’s still important enough for him to spread his perverse Nazi hatred and combine it with today’s Nazi hatred, the most modern and effective anti-Semitic tool – the Palestinian bluff,” Haetzni concluded.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. As if all the murderers magically had a change of heart when they lost the war. No, they, and their many heirs, dream of the day they can pick up where they left off, mit Blut und Ehre, oh yes indeed.

  2. What the heck is this article ? I thought it would be some nice kind of letter. This nazi guy is freaking writing a letter to a 95 yr old man to spook him or something ? This is sick

  3. Why don’t these so called liberal lefty anti Nazi politicians go after this Nazi here in the United States. Because as long as he hates Jews it’s ok no matter who you are. Had he written such a letter to a black or homosexual the Schumer’s,Nadler AOC and the rest of the bleeding heart liberals would lock him up. It’s ok for Jews to be harrassed. Dump DemocRATs. Vote Republican down the line. Register to vote today. Otherwise don’t complain about increasing crime,increasing taxes and no Yeshiva tax credits.

  4. Doesn’t add up:
    1. The hand writing doesn’t look like that of a 95 year old.
    2. What is the alleged writer’s last name?
    3. What is the return address?
    4. The alleged writer’s family information?
    Looks fabricated. Nevertheless an investigation should be made whether this was indeed sent and by whom, and then the complete information about this sender and their family should be made public. It is completely legal to publish someone’s name, telephone number, address, and place of work. You bear no legal responsibility what some people may or may not do with that information.

  5. Our first instinct is to become disgusted and start hating all non-Yidden.
    But that would be counter productive. We should start having Sincere love and caring for every person including all decent Non-Yidden.
    HKB”H will surely reward us Middoh Kneged Middoh and He will never instigate any hatred or Holocausts against us. Even people like Friedrich will no longer have ant hatred toward us.

  6. I wouldn’t expect any Nazi to do teshuva and wouldn’t express any surprise at a Nazi doing such a thing. Even so the story seems dubious.

    Where would some Nazi get the address of a former classmate from over 85 years ago?

    What was the sudden catalyst for this letter?

    A former member of the Nazi party he can’t get a tourist visa to the US. Why would the guy risk his US citizenship for a dumb letter?