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HORROR EXPOSED: Lev Tahor Leaders Told Mothers To SHECT THEIR CHILDREN If Outsiders Enter [SEE THE VIDEO]

In a video produced by Lev Tahor survivor Mendy Levy, he speaks about the shocking abuse and neglectful conditions he endured during his years in the cult.

In one hair-raising segment of the video, a female Lev Tahor survivor is heard talking about the instructions of Lev Tahors leaders to the women of the cult to literally “shecht” their children in the case of authorities trying to take them away.

She said that the cult leaders called them to a meeting and told them that there were threats from the authorities that their children will be taken away from them.

“So he said that when the authorities come, the men will all go and talk to them, and meanwhile all the women will gather here together with their children. Then each mother will take their children and just as shechita is performed, each mother will take a knife
take a knife and cut…”

“Take a knife? Kill with a knife?” the interviewer interrupted to ask in astonishment.

Yes,” she responded. “He said to take a knife and cut. Close the eyes of the children and cut. Because you have many children, you should start with the small ones so the big ones can understand what they’re seeing. And you as mothers tell them that it’s very painful for you to do but it’s necessary because of the ones that are coming to take the children away. And better the children will die, better that the children should be dead rather than living with a goy. He said it will be considered like the shechita of a pure korban.”

“Then we got scared,” she concluded.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

49 Responses

  1. Advocating murder is a capital crime. These evil animals need to all be locked up, with no option for parole ever. When we merit seeing an end to this vicious cult, we should establish a day of celebration for Klal Yisroel.

    Reading the letter they wrote is sickening, making their pure rish’us sound like some sort of mesiras nefesh. This group is anti-Torah, and needs to be eliminated in whatever way is possible. We should seek out their financial supporters, out them, and banish them from among the population of Klal Yisroel.

    Ready & Brainless: Come and get me.

  2. a few thoughts
    how krum & twisted a person can get just from being ” mafrish atzmo min hatzibur” that was their first sin
    the deeply rooted narsacism that lies in the letter that if u cant be ELITE & UNIQUE ” lev tahor” than its not worth living ( as haman said kol zeh…)

    chazal say that Torah in the hands of timeshare is poison – finally i get it -the devil too, can quote scripture.
    finally the power of the human psyche to survive insane living conditions, can u imagine your wife holding up in an airport for 4 days with a bunch of pitzy kids crying for food… no money.. no plan-and they stay , it blows my mind

  3. Never forget that there is one socalled charedie magazine that tried very hard to cover up the truth about this cult, and they unfortunately were somewhat successful to lower the public’s disgust towards what went in there. Likely, if not for this magazine this cult would’ve went a few years earlier, and with less tragic results. The public at that time was ready to take action and that magazine cooled the waters. Shame on them, and let everyone beware of the potential danger that magazine can cause again in the future.

  4. By Chana and her seven sons, the king also thought, what a fanatic mother, to allow her young boys to die just so that they don’t bow down to something which they don’t even believe in.

  5. I dont understand how anyone in the mainstream of Satmar would approve this and moreover give money? someone please explain.

  6. We have to follow the money and cut funding to this horrible cult. All communities should establish what some have been doing for years- meshulachim must get a letter from a community vaad tzedaka stating they’re allowed to collect in the community.
    We have no way of knowing how many collectors are funneling money to the wrong places. We can’t stop giving because of this, we would be depriving innocent people who need the funds.
    It’s time for our Rabbanim and askanim to be chas al mimonam shel Yisrael, both those who donate and the ones who need the money, and put in place safeguards so no tzedaka funds chas ve’shalom go to the leaders of this cult or to other bad places.

  7. I cannot even believe that anyone would compare this to Chana and her seven sons. What a terrible Chilul Hashem for people like Lev Tahor to lie and change
    the Torah and use trappings like mikvaos, and chedarim, yeshivos, dayanim
    as part of their newly-invented religion to satisfy the needs of the sadistic leaders. NO WHERE in the torah does it say anything that even resembles what they do and how they live . What a Chilul Hashem for frum
    Yidden to let them get away with such a evil!
    How can any person with any loyalty to Hashem not condemn
    men such as these?!?! How can the rest of us, reading this article, not cry
    out in pain to all the people stuck inside this gehenom on earth. Everyone should be doing everything they could to help those trapped inside the cult. How can we stay quiet when we know what these reshaim are doing.

  8. ader- u are correct but thats precisely why one needs a mesorah & aseh lecho rav ..
    cereal boxes used to have kiddie colored glasses as a prize and when u wore them u could swear that everything was red or blue… thats why gedolei hador are ” EINAY HAEDAH” as a periscope is taller than the person viewing it.

  9. Inventing letters, making up stories. It isn’t a lie if it serves your goal.
    Hundreds of millions believe the proof that Jews blew up the towers.
    Your going to burn with in hell with the blood libelists, for constantly feeding into the anti semitic rants against these persecuted people.
    If it was true, the stories and protests would be coming from OUR RABONIM, not from the same sources that spew anti semitic and anti Israel virtual.
    When they came for Lev Tahor, you jump on the bandwagon, like all the anti semites do

  10. maybe its a false document created by the enemies of lev tuher
    yeshiva world doesn’t have any evidence if the document or the voice video is authentic

  11. This is a long time coming, because when I was a captive brainwashed member in 2005 when they were still in Canada they were leaning towards a mass suicide ideation back then.

  12. I believe it is widely recognized that we are dealing with an evil cult. Aside from the horrific crimes of abuse, murder, and the rest, one of the really disturbing things is their efforts to portray themselves as a faction of Judaism. There is NOTHING Jewish about this cult. They have made their leaders into idols, and they slashed our holy Torah into swatches that they use as they please. Their faith is not related to Yiddishkeit, and their mission is not different from the missionaries that have plagued oiur community for generations. They are resistant to any interventions. In light of their extreme crimes, the best optin is that they be arrested, and imprisoned forever. We have a huge task at hand to rescue the victims. Meanwhile, any supporter of this cult of resho’im needs to be identified and given appropriate treatment. I suggest that the family be ostracized in every way, not permitted in shuls, not considered for shidduchim, and not tolerated in business of any sort. If they can be found to have committed crimes, let them be prosecuted. Our community needs to be rid of this disgusting vermin.

    Ready and Brainless – I’m waiting for your wishes.

  13. It’s hard enough being a Frum Jew, as it is. These gangsters make it even harder for their followers/believers. What they did has nothing to do with being Frum and Ehrlich. Their punishment should be a huge dose of their own medicine. Let’s see how long they’d survive under their own made-up Frum lifestyle. Obviously, if they were getting such huge donations someone was having a ball living it up in high-style.

  14. Cult 101:

    1. Cutting off cult members from their community, family and friends

    2. Leaders have complete control over the cult members, in every aspect of their lives. The members do not have any independence

    3. Leaders brainwash their members with their “teachings, goading them to commit violence upon other members to the point of commiting murder or suicide to achieve the “ultimate sacrifice for their cause”

  15. I recall back in the day after the Shai Fima incident blew over, that word in chassidic circles Williamsburg, Boro Park, and Montreal, was that Helbrans allegedly practiced “jus primae noctis.” But the chasidim telling the story did not preface that with “allegedly.” At that time, the chassidim who may have been sympathetic and backed Helbrans in “saving” a bar mitzva boy from his non-religious chiloni parents, were already fed up and thought he was completely off the wall.

  16. They must not be Jewish.
    They’re missing the fundamental middah of rachmanim.

    This is a cult run by a bunch of narcissistic, sociopathic perpetrators.

    Utter disgust.

  17. Golfer— here in Baltimore they have been doing that process for years, Meshulachim have to get a signed paper from the Vaad HaRabbonim before they can go out to collect

  18. You know in Holocaust many parents chose to rather die with their children then give them to Christian neighbors who offered to save the children. Physical death was chosen over spiritual death throughout Jewish history.

  19. This is no proof and more lashon hara.
    I saw a video of a past member as he was begging to be readmitted into Lev Tahor, begging.

  20. Lev Tahor is unquestionably an evil cult. That being said, it should be acknowledged that some parents, under rabbinic guidance, did in fact slaughter their children in order to avoid having them fall into the hands of the Crusaders and forcibly converted. I’m of course not saying that justifies what Lev Tahor planned, the circumstances are quite different. Just realize there is a precedent for this in our Mesorah.

  21. How can people bring up the very few historical incidents where parents killed their children rather than they should fall into the hands of Christians who would convert them to Christianity? Besides which, 99% of the children killed al kiddush Hashem were by Christians and Muslims, not by Jewish parents killing their children. But even those few instances in history where parents killed their children to prevent them from being lost to the Jewish nation, how in the world is that relevant in today’s day where Jews can practice Yiddishkeit in most places throughout the world?!

    The leaders of this cult think they are better than all Rabbonim and Gedolim throughout the world and their group are the only true, frum Yidden and Moshiach will come only to them, not anyone else, regardless if they are frum, ehriche people. If they are not part of this cult, in their eyes they are not Jews. The leaders who control every aspect of the members lives, including their death, gave the order to kill “al kiddush Hashem” because even if the kids end up in frum households they are considered Jewish households, they are considered goyim as are all who are not part of their cult.

    People must be blind to defend them. The children are not vibrant, happy children, they look abused, deprived and unfocused.

  22. don’t put a red lalech on SOTMER its a chasidis with 25000 families world wide
    its like you say the litvisha from lakewood (who counts only 10000) did something
    its just the sinas yisrael the litvoks have to the chasidem

  23. הלל was mechayev the poor people. Rav אליעזר בן עזריה the rich people and לב טהור the Chassidic world. If you believe חכמה בגוים fine, they do not.

  24. Benephraim:

    Your parallels are senseless. הלל was a tzaddik, and someone from whom we should learn lessons. A true role model. רבי אלעזר בן עזריה is another such role model. Whatever we can do to emulate either of these two, the more we can achieve true apiritual heights and be closer to Hashem. However, what you insinuated about LT is nauseating and offensive. There is nothing that anyone in Klal Yisroel should do to emulate the patterns of behavior of this evil cult. Quite the contrary. WE need to recognize this group as Fake Jews, brandishing their burkas and peyos as a disguise to make others believe they have some connection to Torah Judaism. When in reality, they have tampered in forbidden ways, picking and choosing their own mitzvos, creating rules that do nothing beyond promote their leaders, and trash what we Jews consider holy – emunah in Hashem and the fulfillment of all 613 mitzvos, Torah sheb’al peh as an extension of the written Torah, and full adherence to all the mitzvos of bein odom lachaveiroh. No one should ever use their missionary cult as a role model. They should be chased away from wherever they go, and we should soon merit witnessing the rescue and refuah of all the victims and the imprisonment of the resho’im who push their wicked agendas. And I would hope that Klal Yisroel should be able to celebrate that bit of geulah soon.

  25. From the teachings of our Holy Torah as recounted by Ramban-
    “The Sages said: ‘[For] three sins a person is punished (lit., ‘it is collected from a person’) in this world, and he has no share in the World to Come: idolatry, incest / adultery, and murder. And the spreading of evil gossip (lashon hara) is equivalent to all three.’

    The Sages said further: ‘Anyone who speaks lashon hara, it is as if he has denied G-d, as it is stated, ‘[…those] who said, ‘Because of our tongues we will overpower, our lips are with us, who is master over us?” (Psalms 12:5).

    And the Sages said further, ‘Three does lashon hara kill: the one who says it, the one who accepts it, and the one who is spoken about. And the accepter more so than the speaker.”

  26. Ready:

    Do your leaders know that you are endorsing the Rambam, a portion of Torah Sheb’al Peh? You know that if you get caught committing such a violation of LT rules, there coulkd be grave consequences.

    If you would enjoy some other quotes from the Rambam, I suppose we could easily portray the rishus of LT to the readership here.

    Meanwhile, I posed to you several questions that indicate that LT has nothing to do with Torah, and the leaders of this cult masquerade and lie to aggrandize the leaders while pushing an agenda of blasphemy and apikorsus. Besides your empty accusations about lashon horah, you have avoided responding tio these questions. Publicizing that this group is about deceit and untruth, seeking to cast itself as a faction of Judaism is actually leto’eles and a substantial mitzvah. Every Yid that is prevented from falling into the abyss of LT is a neshomoh that has been saved. Every apikores leader of this evil cult that gets arrested and locked up is a mini yeshua for Klal Yisroel. Every rescue of innocent victims that have been exposed to a truncated Torah, denied the access to complete Toras Hashem, been beaten with brutal punishments, denied opportunities to live a normal Jewish life, is another mini yeshua.

    With the demise of LT, Klal Yisroel will celebrate. And you, should consider doing teshuvah and abandoning the wicked derech of LT. If you do, I will welcome your return to Klal Yisroel. If not, find yourself a cemetery where they bury apikorsim.

  27. Your ‘judgments’ are invalid, no valid witnesses, all evil conjecture and that equals lashon hara which equals idolatry, murder, and immorality in total.

  28. Ready:

    Forget judgments. Answer questions. If you can’t, you are advertising here something quite critical about your cult. Answer the questions.

  29. This is a perfect example of how their cult operates; they take something holy and twist it. Yes, there were times where adults and children jumped to their deaths, but during sha’as hashmad. there is no shmad going on.

  30. Ready:

    This is getting boring, and I can’t figure out why your comments are not putting you to sleep. Meanwhile, you have failed miserably to respond to the challenge to answer some questions I have posed. They were asked on another thread. But since this is the most recent, and you persist in brandishing your foolishness to repeat lame, meaningless accusations, I felt it was time to repeat the questions. If you truly wish that others see you and your ilk as anything but a band of psychos who mold Torah into a structure that glorifies its leaders while erasing everything that is precious to Torah, then take the challenge to respond to ther questions I posed. I have copied and pasted then for you here to save your click finger a few presses.

    You keep posting denials that LT does nothing against Jewish Law.

    Whose Jewish Law? Your purported system, or that which was given on Har Sinai?

    In light of the convincing comments from me and others that your cult follows a rule set that is anti-Torah and masquerades in a costume that you thugs call Torah, please explain to us why you feel your approach is correct. If your version of Torah is real, why did Hashem give us all 613 Mitzvos? Why are there Mitzvos Bein Odom Lachaveiroh if they are not to be taught, learned, or followed? Why is chilul Shabbos permitted? Why is your cult constantly running from authorities, with a trail of horrific accusations in many countries? What makes you think that clothing without a shred of Yiras Shomayim impresses anyone? And if you people are so “frum”, what in heaven’s name are you doing on the internet? I would think that the tzaddikim you claim to be would be huddled in a beis hamedrash somewhere deep in divine meditation, studying Shas, poskim, and producing reams of chiddushei Torah. And maybe even works of Kabbalah.

    Instead of the babyish statements that “We do nothing against Jewish Law” (that are blatantly untrue), try to convince us that there is something about Avodas Hashem that is at least remotely related to LT. So far, your denials are lame and childish.

    Do you wear tzitzis? Tefillin? What are your laws of kashrus? Do you share the words of Chazal at a Seder on Pesach, or have you stripped that Torah shebe’al peh from your repertoire? Do you build mikvaos? Do you eat chulent on Shabbos? How about eruvin? Have I enumerated enough? The burden of proof is on you. I am not chasing you, not persecuting you, and am not taking anything from you. We have all managed to learn about how your cult adopted the label of Judaism, yet does nothing to support that. I posed real life questions, and we all await your efforts to respond.

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